Distant Healing

Distant healing is one of the practices in Pure Energy Healing. It happens over time and space when a Healer works to send healing energy and vibration to another person in a different physical location. It can happen over a video call or even without the other person being on the other side of technology. The intention and channeled healing creates a real impact to the person receiving this beautiful vibration.

At the Pure Energy Healing Academy we are not concerned about the scientific proof of how it works and why, rather that it works. Our clients can attest to benefits of distant healing, which feels as powerful as the regular healing session. There are no distractions for either the Healer or the client and it works well for many benefits of well being.

During the time he gave one-to-one healing sessions Mark Bajerski, the Founder of the Pure Energy Healing Academy, witnessed that towards the last few years of his practice this form of healing became most of his healing work. Mark no longer practices one-to-one healing as he is now focused on teaching this technique to new Practitioners. If you would like to experience a Pure Energy Healing Session, go over to the Pure Energy Healing Academy link "Find A Practitioner" and contact one of the Healers.

If you have never experienced this kind of healing you might be pleasantly surprised. Think of the times