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Instant High Vibes

Updated: Oct 24, 2021

Hello Beautiful Soul,

It's my honour and pleasure to write for Lemon House and all the beautiful souls who read these articles. I am always touched and moved by your responses and I must say it's part of the fuel that keeps these blogs multiplying. I feel your love. I love creating something from nothing, whatever art form it may be. As long as play of words is fulfilling I will keep on writing - from my heart. With each article my intention is to make a difference by sharing my experience.

Sometime ago I used to think that my experiences in life were drastically different than most people's. I felt different in every way including different than my family and friends. I now think that most our human experience is quite similar in essence, if not the same - despite the stark variation in the way of living. Lifestyle does not determine the array of our feelings - our sheer humanity does. We all know that being happy and content is not a destination but a way of living life and yet we can get caught up in a spiral of emotions and triggers when we allow to be at the effect of something or someone.

For all the things I've written about I had to experience them myself. I'm also speaking that which I need to hear and be reminded of. I love to expand my views, I'm open to practicing and learning about the things that make a difference in the quality of life and help me experience the heart-soul connection to be the best version of myself. Today I share my go to's for Instant Higher Vibration. These are the tools and practices that always raise my vibration and help me feel better. When I feel great I use them to make the moment extra special by creating the sacred space and energy of higher vibrations - as a blessing.

  • Nature is the connection to our soul essence. It has the healing power beyond any words or explanations. Walk in nature will elevate your mood and help you shift to a more positive state. Take off your shoes and ground yourself. Breathe the fresh air and feel the elements of nature, whether it's the sunshine on your face, the wind in your hair or the rain on your skin. Let the healing energy of Mother Earth in.

  • Incense made of natural and organic herbs and branches are ancient practices to shift the energy and create a beautiful blessing of high vibration. During my experience with various incense at the Pure Energy Healing Academy Sacred Incense was channeled and it got created exclusively for Lemon House. It's a beautiful blend of Sage, Palo Santo & Frankincense. Recently we've added the Blessed Incense to our collection, a wonderful blend hand made by the beautiful people of Peru.

  • Essential Oils are used successfully in healing and as aroma therapy. Along with Sacred Incense our Sacred Oil is how Lemon House story began. With the perfect harmony of essential oils and the trinity of Sage, Palo Santo & Frankincense this oil is a gift from heaven. I am humbled, honoured and grateful to be the channel and co-creator of this oil. I use it for everything - literally. I use it to feel good; to alleviate any physical pain or discomfort; as protection from others' lower energies when I'm in public spaces; to elevate my intuition; to feel inspired; to boost my energy; to feel the power of blessings; to connect with my spiritual essence; I love to use it as perfume; and for no reason at all, I would open it, place it my palms, smell it and rub over any part of my body where I want to feel its beautiful healing energy and vibration. Please read our Testimonials for words from clients who've used the Sacred Oil and our other products.

  • Sacred Water is a collection of blessed waters from Sacred Healing places from around the world. It is always in my purse along with the Sacred Oil. I spray it over my crown chakra and let the fine mist gently fall all over my face and body. I feel the blessing of water and all the powerful positive energy contained within.

  • Crystals are gifts from our vast cosmic bodies, stars and planets. They are a portal to our soul connection with the source - and all there is. They always bring me peace, calm and tranquility. I use crystals daily. The moment I hold one, sit next to it or wear it as a pendant I am instantly energized and I feel a sense of balance and a release of any unwanted energies. Crystals cleanse and clear toxic energy, they bring us back into equilibrium with our soul essence to reconnect with our inner power. I cannot say enough about them. I will let them speak for themselves - as they do when you scroll through the pages of the Shop. Every week we add more beautiful crystals. Let the perfect one choose you. Open your heart and enjoy the process of connecting to the one that wants to feel your love. Even looking at them will bring you peace and inspiration.

  • Breath and the moments in between is where our connection of the physical and spiritual being is. Becoming present to breathing and taking each inhale and exhale intentionally will clear the mind and calm the emotions. Breathe deeply and slowly. This is a simple energy cleanse and quick vibrational boost.

  • Meditation is a way to get present, to create heart and mind coherence to feel more balanced. Close your eyes and witness the stillness.

  • Affirmation is the great secret to changing your energy in an instant. Affirm that which you want to experience and that reality will be yours. Affirmation is the Aladdin's lamp for your goals and dreams as well as states of being. I am beautiful, I am powerful, I am blessed, I am happy. I am, that, I am.

  • Music connects us to our soul and heart. Music raises vibration. Listen to classical baroque music for higher spiritual consciousness and heart-mind coherence or play a song that gets you on your feet and dance.

Love & Gratitude,

Lella Satie

Always in the HeART ♥️

Thank you for visiting LEMON HOUSE and buying your empowering and energizing gifts. A portion of all proceeds from the sale of our products goes towards helping people in various ways: to feel better and heal with crystals and other Lemon House gift; to scholarships; planting fruit trees and other causes. Thank you!

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