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Let's Talk About Money

This is probably not a title you think you'd see on We are not here to sell financial advice yet we can give our unique perspective on the financial aspect of our life. What is a "spiritual", "conscious", "energy healing" perspective on this topic and why is it relevant? There are many ways to talk about money in the realm of conscious living. Here are a few points distilled in key actions. For many people finances have a direct impact on their well being. Most dis-ease comes from stress, and many worries stem from financial distress.


Let's get the hard part over with at the start. Any stress, worry or fear can be cancelled with a simple statement: Wherever you are in life, you will be ok. If you believe that no matter what happens - you will be ok, you can take a huge burden off your chest and release the energy of fear. This release of negativity and low vibration will give you more energy to start creating and be inspired about manifesting more abundance in your life. You cannot start creating and building when you are in low vibration and deep fear. You are either attracting or repelling with your energy. You are a magnet and whatever you want to manifest you gotta feel and express. Your trust that universe will take care of you wherever you are will start to raise your vibration. The caveat is: you have to let go of any attachment. Attachment leads to disappointment. Having a tight grip on what you think you deserve or what you "must have" puts you in a low vibration. If you are vibrating that you lack something even if it's only a fear and not a physical reality, you are sending a signal of scarcity.

Mother Earth is abundant. She gives us all that we need to survive. She gives us earth to grow food; she gives us water, air and sunshine. We have "evolved" to desire more shiny objects. We must have something in order to be happy, to feel successful to be validated. If we have inner knowing that we will survive and be taken care of, we can open to a higher energy vibration of abundance and be ready to thrive. The first steps in changing your vibration and magnetism to attract wealth is letting go of fear, having trust and being grateful. The more grateful you are - the more things to be grateful for you will have! Start the day by journaling things you are grateful for. This should not be a list that you check off your daily task but you should feel an expansion in your heart by the feelings of gratitude. Be grateful throughout the day for all the gifts in your life including your health, your breath, your body, your mind, your relationships...


Stay motivated and use the secrets of affirmations. Generate positive statements about your wealth that you can see yourself fulfilling. The Law of Attraction can be deceiving if you think that high vibration while meditating on your couch will bring you wealth. The golden key is action. Let go of fear, trust, raise your vibration with gratitude and become a magnet for plenty. Then follow with continuous action steps. Your actions done with consistency will lead to results. Think of dreams as manageable goals and every day go to work on them. Once you execute enough actions you will build momentum. Keep expanding!

Anything you desire and anything worth something requires energy and your attention. Focus on what is important, then prioritize and make your actions part of your lifestyle. Employ time management. Create abundance with everything you do. Do it with love and gratitude! Whatever you do, put your heart energy into it. Even if you have a tedious job that you want to replace, do it with love. If you have to put in the hours of your working time for monetary exchange, you might as well do your best. If you do everything with love, you will be guided to places and opportunities of abundance. People will notice your work and will want to work with you. And you won't drown in misery of low vibration of resentment. Your day will be more meaningful. Do not sell your soul! Do not put yourself in situations that you will regret or have to pay for with your health, consciousness or soul. If you intuitively know that your work is not aligned with your heart, soul and your values - it's probably not worth it. Money can't buy happiness and neither can it buy health nor piece of mind.

The Law of Exchange is on your side. Everything that you do, to create value for someone, you can exchange for money or something else of value. Think of all of your skills and things that you are good at or things you possess that you can exchange for money. Marketing is an integral part of that exchange, letting the world know what is it that you offer. As long as you tell the truth and not deceive people about your product or service. Have an entrepreneurial spirit - get inspired. Breathe life into your work by putting love into it.

Conscious way of doing business is creating value for people and making a difference in the world. This is the new way of doing business. Making a difference can be any array of things: expressions of your products or service; social initiatives, community projects to individual acts of kindness...


Do you know the foundation of ancient Greek Games that started in Olympia? They were based on principles of life. The five pointed star (represented by five circles in the modern Olympics) stand for Citius, Altius, Fortius, Socius, Moneta and the sixth space in between representing Spiritus. They mean Swifter (physically); Higher (mentally); Stronger (emotionally); Socially (astute); Trust (worthy); and having the quality of Spirit (to inspire; to breathe inspiration).

If you think of Money (Moneta) as something that will reward your worth: what can we trust you for? Can money trust that you will do good with it? Can others trust that you will provide a product or a service that you say you would? Find the meaning in words. What is a representation of trust? For millennia people have chosen Gold as a representation of trust. Ancient civilizations believed that Gold is solidified Sun. Once upon a time, all money was backed by gold. Not so long ago all currency were taken off the gold standard as fractional reserve banking took over. The word Currency should give you some clues. Currency is meant to flow. Let it flow consciously. Be resourceful, get creative and allow abundance to flow into your life.

Always in the HeART ♥️

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