Let's Talk About Money

This is probably not a title you think you'd see on LemonHouse.com. We are not here to sell financial advice yet we can give our unique perspective on the financial aspect of our life. What is a "spiritual", "conscious", "energy healing" perspective on this topic and why is it relevant? There are many ways to talk about money in the realm of conscious living. Here are a few points distilled in key actions. For many people finances have a direct impact on their well being. Most dis-ease comes from stress, and many worries stem from financial distress.


Let's get the hard part over with at the start. Any stress, worry or fear can be cancelled with a simple statement: Wherever you are in life, you will be ok. If you believe that no matter what happens - you will be ok, you can take a huge burden off your chest and release the energy of fear. This release of negativity and low vibration will give you more energy to start creating and be inspired about manifesting more abundance in your life. You cannot start creating and building when you are in low vibration and deep fear. You are either attracting or repelling with your energy. You are a magnet and whatever you want to manifest you gotta feel and express. Your trust that universe will take care of you wherever you are will start to raise your vibration. The caveat is: you have to let go of any attachment. Attachment leads to disappointment. Having a tight grip on what you think you deserve or what you "must have" puts you in a low vibration. If you are vibrating that you lack something even if it's only a fear and not a physical reality, you are sending a signal of scarcity.

Mother Earth is abundant. She gives us all that we need to survive. She gives us earth to grow food; she gives us water, air and sunshine. We have "evolved" to desire more shiny objects. We must have something in order to be happy, to feel successful to be validated. If we have inner knowing that we will survive and be taken care of, we can open to a higher energy vibration of abundance and be ready to thrive. The first steps in changing your vibration and magnetism to attract wealth is letting go of fear, having trust and being grateful. The more grateful you are - the more things to be grateful for you will have! Start the day by journaling things you are grateful for. This should not be a list that you check off your daily task but you should feel an expansion in your heart by the feelings of gratitude. Be grateful throughout the day for all the gifts in your life including your health, your breath, your body, your mind, your relationships...