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Mind Over Matter

Updated: May 23, 2020

What is important? What really counts? In time of uncertainty, we can still be certain of some things. The Seasons will change, the Sun will continue to shine as our planet will revolve around the Sun; and as night follows day, so will the seas of a global tide - ebb and flow. Humans have survived millennia of various rulers, natural and perhaps supernatural impacts and occurrences. We are here for a reason and we will survive this treason.

Notice I choose not to use the words that are flooding the media and bombarding people with their negative connotations and even more negative vibrations. I keep standing for and in the light, I keep looking for it and fanning the flame of my own fire no matter how dim it gets at times or how damp outside might be. Read between the lines...

If we cast a spell with the words we speak, if sound is a #vibration, then why would you want to repeat, confirm and affirm that which you do not want to see, feel or witness in your physical reality. Let's break this statement down even further: the word spell means the ability to control or influence someone through magical power. Vibration means to move, to give out light and sound. Even the tiniest particle of your cells have a vibration and frequency and so does your thought and your voice, and any sound vibration in and around you. Now think about it - if you choose to be healthy by the foods that you offer to your body temple, if you desire to be fit and you exercise, what kind of food for thought do you feed yourself daily if you wish to be calm, at peace and collected?

There is no amount of outside influence that can be more powerful than the suggestion of your own mind. If you are of a belief that most things in the media are not true nor good for you - you are awakening to your own truth. If you disagree, then this post is not for you (or at least not for you at this time). Do not let the toxic stimulus of any kind get to your brainwaves and then pollute the rest of your being. Be discerning when it comes to the sources you will listen to and trust -to inform you. Do your own research and check with your intuition and your higher self.

Practice having mind over matter. Choose to believe that you will be ok. Look for and #create a possibility. Be resourceful, be #creative. Believe in yourself. Keep active: do what you can do. Humans are social beings and more than ever, now is important to stay connected. There is no reason to feel lonely even if you are alone at this moment. There are communities out there connecting more than ever. Find your #tribe and connect.

Food For Thought

Stay in your power

Empower the Self

Create and Activate

Mind over matter

Until you feel better

Practice and Apprentice

Self Love as #Love above all else

let that be your glove

Parade your greater Self

while the masquerade

sedates the brains

that choose to be washed


medicate yourself with #Truth

to sooth your Soul

and worship true Self

as food for thought is

of Essence to your

Being and your wellbeing

your immunity needs

Unity of Mind over matter

now more than ever


Lella Satie

Actor, Writer, Director, Entrepreneur, PEH Academy Teacher


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