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The Day I Was Honoured To Heal Dolphins

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

A Chapter from Seeing The Invisible

One day I received a phone call from a client who seemed very upset and worried. She began by telling me about her life and her work — how she’d never wanted that job but had somehow felt a calling to work there. She was a keeper of six beautiful (though very sadly, captive) dolphins in a water park about an hour’s train journey from the city of Barcelona. “Mark, might you be willing to come here to heal my babies?” She asked. This was a new one for me! I thought I’d heard it all but this call took the biscuit. In my understanding, dolphins would not need any healing. They themselves are the most powerful healers on the planet. To even suggest that I could heal them was more than my mind could comprehend. “I’m sorry, angel,” I replied. “I don’t think I understand.” “Mark,” she continued. “Some days ago, we had an emergency in the water park. The water purifying system broke and gasses leaked into the pool where the dolphins — my babies — live. I am so worried for them. They are coughing now and I know they are not well. I can feel how they are suffering. I have no idea why, but you keep coming into my dreams and you are healing them in the water. Please, Mark, please say that you’ll come?” The one thing I knew then — and I teach it to all my students who come to the Pure Energy Healing Academy — and that is if a client comes into your life but you think you are not good enough or experienced enough and you tell them you’re not the person to help, then shame on you. What we must realize is that we all hold a unique energy within which is so very different to that of any other soul in this world; we hold memories and gifts beyond our limited thinking or understanding. However, the energy that flows through each of us is truly known and understood by our amazing Spirit world. Once you are chosen to play a small role in Spirit’s work, it is so important to accept these moments by trusting that the reason why you were chosen will present itself in good time.

You see, it takes precise accuracy, amazing timing and a whole lot of energy to get the right souls together for whatever reasons Spirit has in store. I already knew that Spirit had placed this certain soul to work at the dolphins’ enclosure; someone who even questioned herself about why she would take on such a role. But she had taken the job, and once Spirit had her in place, they would then search for someone with whom she may have connections. This is how they begin the work. In this instance, they chose me as the nearest soul who might be able to allow the flow of Spirit’s healing energy through me and into the dolphins. Spirit began to work daily to whisper to this girl, day and night and in her dreams, until she became aware of the messages which most of us don’t truly listen to. She listened and then contacted me. Spirit already knew this moment with the dolphins was coming, and they had planned well in advance to bring the right souls together to help keep the universal balance of light and dark in this world. Actually, I am here also to ask everyone: please, don’t you dare say ‘no’ when asked to help in situations that Spirit has especially chosen for you. If you do that, can you imagine how they must feel? The love, the endless effort to make these miracles happen is something we must all look at and when it does happen, we should shout, “Spirit — thank you for choosing me to be the conduit, the vessel, the soul who will help in this, my moment!” Be proud and never, ever doubt that you are the one Spirit has chosen. From that moment onwards, you will be ready, and you will be their light. So, with a smile in my heart and words that I now say regularly, I replied, “Okay, angel, I don’t do miracles, but I promise to do my best.”

Now, some weeks before receiving this phone call, I’d had a visit from a dear friend of mine, Selina. Selina, originally from Malaysia, is a beautiful soul. She and her Mexican husband José were both good clients of mine who often came for one-to-one healing sessions. Selina would also join the many Circle evenings I held on the Costa as well. On this particular day, when Selina came for healing and before we started the session, she rummaged around in her big bag and brought out a large and beautifully shaped clear jar with a lid on top. Inside I noticed there were tiny crystals — all clear quartz — which filled the jar right up to the brim. She explained to me, “Mark, there are exactly one thousand clear quartz crystals in this jar. Now, don’t ask me why but I knew I had to bring this to you. I want you to have it.” “Really?” I said, taking it and admiring it. “Yes,” she replied. “Please do whatever you feel is right with these. I know you will know what to do with them when the moment comes.” I thanked her, even though I had absolutely no idea what I was ever going to do with this jar of tiny crystals. I gave Selina a great big hug, and then placed the jar at the very back of one of the shelve