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The Green Crystal That Fell From The Sky

Good Day Beautiful Soul,

I hope you're enjoying your life - finding strength to lighten up and cheer up. I invite you to take a moment and breathe. Exhale fully now. - Take a conscious breath in and out. - Do it again. - And one more time. - Have a cup of tea and join me for a few moments to read between the lines. Find meaning in words that inspire you - lift your spirit.

A long time ago, there was an explosion of one of the wondering rocks from Cosmos, which caused a great flame to land on Earth. The remains of this burning matter flew across the sky and merged with the soil as it landed on our planet. This mass solidified into green-glass-looking formations. It carried with it a magical mystery of life and stories from far, far away. Today we call it Moldavite. Whoever finds this crystal begins to discover a mystical path. The caveat being, the lessons will be revealed and learned only when one is open, ready and available for new teachings.

For some, Moldavite will be just another rock. For others it will be the Holy Grail. Wherever you are on your journey of life, Moldavite could serve to help you discover new parts of your being. As you remember who you truly are when you step into the unknown, you witness your own light shining brighter to illuminate the path for others to see what's possible.

When you are ready Moldavite will find you. You can wear it during a meditation for heightened experience; place it under your pillow to enhance your dreams; have it close by during your creative work flow for inspiration or use it in healing as you would your other crystals. It's a beautiful companion that will guide your soft nudges to a new place of knowing. Allowing it to whisper is a gentle task. Don't have any expectations, wants or needs. Don't force yourself onto (anyone or anything including) Moldavite. The tighter your grip is and the more demanding your asking is, the quicker it will disappear (fig. and lit.) from you. Let go and let GOoD in. Being light like a leaf will get you farther than being heavy like a tonne.

You don't know what gifts a day holds - have faith that you have the strength and wisdom to move forth. Take a step and you will move onwards and upwards. Take two and you will show another that they can do it too.

Have a beautiful Sunday and shine on next week!

Much love, Lella

Always in the HeART ♥️

Lella Satie Artist, PEH Academy Instructor, LEMON HOUSE Founder, Creator

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