The Secrets To Fasting

Hello Beautiful Souls,

I hope you are enjoying breathing in fresh air, walking and sunshine. I have something to share with you. I often receive questions about fasting, which I also get asked as I guide my clients through a fast. I thought you'd like a little more insight about this inexhaustive subject of self empowerment. As the word healing can be misused, misunderstood and overused I think the right description of the benefits of a fast is strengthening of the overall well being the core body, mind, and soul by way of a deep cleanse. Hence my choice of the word empowering.

I'm talking about fasting on liquids only, either on water or juice from fresh fruits and/or vegetables for an extended period of time i.e. 3 or more days. If you've read my previous articles you will know that I've done many water fasts over the years and I've gone as long as 20 days on water only. I am actually on another water fast of 7 days. It's day 4 and I have more energy than the first 3 days and I'm inspired to share the things in between as my best friend calls them or as I'd say the details that you only learn and discover when you actually go through the experience.

Here are the little-big-things you don't read about when you start your journey of researching about water fasting:

  • If you are not vegan go plant based for at least 7 days or more before you start the fast. This will prepare your body and ease you into the process of fasting. During this preparation reduce the amount of food, the frequency and calories. Drink lots of water to hydrate, it will keep you feeling full and lessen the hunger pangs.

  • It's much easier to get into a water fast if you have reduced your food intake to one meal a day for 7 days before. The longer you wait to have that meal the easier it will be on your body and your will power. If you eat your one meal first thing in the morning or mid day, there are many more hours in the day when you will be thinking of food, feeling anxious or wanting to break the fast that you haven't even started yet.

  • Prepare and commit to the fast by giving a promise to yourself. For me this is the single most sacred word I want to keep. My promise to myself. To help you with any intention, share it with someone you care about, someone with whom you want to keep your word with. This will help you stay on course and retain the will power.

  • Know why you are doing it in the first place. For some it may be to heal a long term condition and for others it's a maintenance. Sometimes it can take one fast to reverse something that just started to manifest in the body as a dis-ease. For others it will take multiple fasts; a new healthy lifestyle and a combination of healing ways: i.e. Pure Energy Healing, taking in supplements and herbs, healthy teas, practicing mindfulness through meditation and positive thinking, etc.

  • Give your brain a break. Actually I'd say disregard it, don't listen to it - as it will try to trick you and manipulate you on every corner of the journey. The mind is your servant and you should get it to do what you want, not let it get you to do what IT wants.

  • The body reacts as a memory machine. It will want you to feed it, it will think of foods and recipes it will demand of you in the form of hunger pangs, negative thoughts, self doubt, toxic feelings. These are all symptoms of a cleanse - of a water fast.

  • Fasting is for longevity. Fasting is like training to a sportsman. To be in their best shape, to be prepared for any game they have to train. Fasting strengthens the body from the inside out. I won't go into minutia of scientific proof here. I have my body to thank and nothing to prove other than share my experience. You might ask why am I doing another fast since I did an extended one not so long ago. You can overdo anything and you can overdo a fast (some people have died on a 40 day fast), yet I know my body, I trust myself and I listen to my higher self. I'm doing it as a cleanse and part of my year's journey to fast that many days that correspond to number of years that I have been on this planet in this body.

  • Start with intermittent fasting. You can begin your fast with just fasting for one day of the week. I applied the ancient principle to do this on the day I was born. You are born from the waters - hence fasting on water on your day of birth. Then extend your fast to 3 days. Start from there. Anything else is a bonus and for those willing to do it like the pro athlete.

  • The most important things are daily enemas and colonics. Please read my other blogs for more info on this, or do some internet search. If you don't do daily enemas - don't do the fast. When you feel bad - do the enemas. They cleanse you from toxic waste which effects your feelings, your thoughts and your whole being! Doing it might not be pleasant, yet the benefit of this kind of cleanse is for the release of heavy feelings and thoughts.

  • The worst part of the fast is the ebb and flow of the uneasy feelings, the negative thoughts and the body impulses. The good news is: this doesn't last the whole fast. The first days are the hardest, then it eases out. Day 1 is: ok I barely made it; Day 2 is: omg I'm not doing this, as you think multiple times that you will break the fast; Day 3 is: wow I"m glad I made it this far, I'm breaking the fast tomorrow; Day 4 is yaay I feel great I want to keep going; Day 5 is: I'm a superhero; Day 6 is I'm connected with the divine; Day 7 is: I don't need to eat again, Day 8: oops I'm going through a dip; Day 9: I'm on top of the world... Your highs and lows of-course can be different than this. Do not focus on the end date, take one day at a time.