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The Seed Cause & 7 Steps To Committed Outcome

Whatever you want to change in life, it will take commitment and consistent effort through action. Whether it's losing weight, healing, creating a new project or learning a new skill. Sometimes the simplest things are overlooked or become a burden when you experience a setback. Moving through a new experience takes more than one try. Those who've acquired the skill of consistent action and the practice of a routine are half way there. They seem more persistent than those without a structure because lack of structure can take you to places you haven't set your compass to, or take you back where you started. If you want to excel or transform an area in your life where you have not gained a desired proficiency, find a mentor or a coach who has done what you aim to achieve. Learn the skills then apply them consistently until this new action becomes a habit. Once you are confident with your progress and you are proficient in your new skill, you can play with the rules. Think of an art form: first you learn the rules, then you get the freedom to break the rules.

Sometimes our coping devices that have gotten us thus far in life don't make a difference for the future we want to create. If you are happy where you are at, if you are pleased with the way your life is unfolding, that's great - keep doing what you are doing. For those who are struggling with an area in their life, they might need a new perspective, a new way of doing things in order to experience a real difference in their life.

Instead of reacting to a situation you are in - or worse: instead of reacting to people in your environment because of your inner discontent - stop, take a breath and look at the seed cause of it all. Why are you here and in this situation? What has contributed or influenced your decisions and steps that got you to this experience? Are you looking at the cause or just reacting, even at things unrelated? Do you make it all about someone (blaming others) or something else (being a victim) to divert your attention from your responsibility? Are you procrastinating in dealing with a situation? Face the truth, look yourself in the mirror; forgive yourself, forgive others and see the cause and effect in your behaviour. This is the first part of self realization and transformation. The second part is: consistent action towards the new desired outcome.

To help you stay focused and on point with your commitments here are a few steps to help you in the journey of transformation. Do this exercise on a day when you make time for yourself.

  1. Find the Seed Cause: answer the questions from the paragraph above and open yourself to self realization of why you are in a situation that you are in and what are your probable reactions if nothing changes.

  2. Meditation: find a quiet place and create a pleasant atmosphere with what you got in your environment i.e. light an incense, use a beautiful healing essential oil, place a few crystals around you, play a gentle meditation music and sit comfortably or even lie down. Focus on breathing for a few moments by exhaling and inhaling consciously. Exhale fully and inhale deeply at least 7 times. Then relax and just breathe. Whatever thought comes to you let it go. Continue to clear the mind and if a thought lingers longer it's ok. Don't resist. Just relax and breathe. Give yourself 20 minutes.

  3. Visualization: from this beautiful space of calm and meditation and a clear mind you can create anything. Do not hold onto past beliefs or "musts" or "should have, could have" thought patterns. From nothing, once you have this feeling of bliss, happiness and content what would you really create? Start seeing yourself in the future. See yourself out there in the world 10 years from now; then 3 years and 6 months from now. Take the journey and see it, feel it, smell it. Hear everything in your environment. Where are you? Who are you with? What are you doing? Take a mental picture and lock it in your heart with this beautiful feeling. Visit this visualization daily as you work your plan.

  4. Affirmations: from the place of courage and inner strength look at all the great and amazing qualities that you posses. What are the things people acknowledge you for? What are your strengths? What are the things you would like to embody? What personal quality would make a difference to keep you empowered? Write them out as a positive affirmation and use them with your daily waking routine. "I am courageous, I am creative, I plan my work and work my plan, I am healthy, I am fit, I am ..."

  5. Make The Plan: now sit down and take the time to write out your future. Write it out in an essay form in this pattern of ten and 3 years from now and then 6 months. When you write this out you are ready to make the plan. Start planning out 3 months from today then 2 months and 1 month from now. Think of what needs to be done at each of these timelines to keep you on track towards the goals. Think of your big dreams and goals as a series of mini projects. If you would like an in-depth guidance on making the plan, working the plan and creating structures towards your goals, our new online course will be opening space in the coming weeks. Send your request to with subject line: Online Course.

  6. Action: Work The Plan: make the time - schedule time to work on your plan every day or every week. Don't wait to get inspired or for all things around you to be right so you can sit down and work your plan. Make the time and get to work. Make that call, write that chapter, pick up the tools and start sculpting. The flow of your energy towards your plan will bring inspiration and you will create a momentum.

  7. Expand: everything is in constant motion either expanding or contracting. As you breathe as you move through different stages of life. Transformation takes on expanding your views, expanding your actions. Expand through reading and listening to messages that touch, move and inspire you. Listen with new ears and view with new eyes as if you've never seen or heard this before. If you always think you know and you know best, you will miss a sign, an idea, a lesson that might make all the difference.

I leave you with a quote by Mark Bajerski from his latest book Seeing The Invisible: "I chose to focus on the possibilities of a beautiful future, to trust that all is as it should be; that where I am at any given moment is exactly where I am supposed to be and, more importantly, where I am being taken is exactly where I am going."

Always in the HeART ♥️

Artist, LEMON HOUSE Founder, Pure Energy Healing Academy Instructor

Seeing The Invisible is now available in paperback and e-book. Coming soon as audiobook.

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