The Seed Cause & 7 Steps To Committed Outcome

Whatever you want to change in life, it will take commitment and consistent effort through action. Whether it's losing weight, healing, creating a new project or learning a new skill. Sometimes the simplest things are overlooked or become a burden when you experience a setback. Moving through a new experience takes more than one try. Those who've acquired the skill of consistent action and the practice of a routine are half way there. They seem more persistent than those without a structure because lack of structure can take you to places you haven't set your compass to, or take you back where you started. If you want to excel or transform an area in your life where you have not gained a desired proficiency, find a mentor or a coach who has done what you aim to achieve. Learn the skills then apply them consistently until this new action becomes a habit. Once you are confident with your progress and you are proficient in your new skill, you can play with the rules. Think of an art form: first you learn the rules, then you get the freedom to break the rules.

Sometimes our coping devices that have gotten us thus far in life don't make a difference for the future we want to create. If you are happy where you are at, if you are pleased with the way your life is unfolding, that's great - keep doing what you are doing. For those who are struggling with an area in their life, they might need a new perspective, a new way of doing things in order to experience a real difference in their life.