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Amethyst Pointer

Amethyst is a powerful spiritual awakening crystal. Whether you are beginning your spiritual journey or you have been working on expanding your intuition you will find this Amethyst to be very powerful. This is an amazing crystal to awaken your third eye and crown chakra - meaning you will become more psychic and intuitive. It is a great crystal to stop the pattern of reacting to life situations with anger; and look for the positive in any situation. It is great to help you step back and see the bigger picture instead of reacting to any given trigger. It is used to transform lower energy and vibration to higher; to grow from jealousy, upset or anger and become stronger and in control of one's own thoughts and feelings. This crystal brings transformation of character from reacting in ways that would cause regret; from acting with aggression to becoming more mature and emotionally wise. It elevates your process of reaction from the mind to working from the heart and higher self. On a physical level this is an amazing crystal for eyes to release stress and tension which occurs in stressful situations -that could possibly cause physical problems in the future. You can place this crystal between closed eyes to feel release and be able to deal with things that are challenging to see. 


This crystal helps with raising intuition, it brings inner peace and inner strength help you stay balanced during challenging moments. It is a great crystal to connect to angel energy, past life or spirit guides. It is amazing for those who want to read cards: angel cards or tarot cards or do psychic and intuitive work.

Amethyst Pointer

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