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Sacred Incense (3 packs)

Sacred is our favourite and most powerful incense. The smoke of the incense carries high vibration of sacred plants to cleanse and transform the energy to higher frequency. It channels beautiful energy around you and especially your environment to create a sense of balance and harmony in your space; to help bring peace to heart, mind and soul.  


Sacred Incense is perfect to use to cleanse and transform the energy in your environment, for intuitive awakening, preparation for spiritual work, inspiration, meditation and healing. 


How to use: 

Light one end of Sacred Incense and place it in an incense stick holder. Let the smoke linger in one room or transfer to other rooms after enough smoke has filled the first room. Make sure to leave it on a hard non-flammable surface as tiny cinders might spark.



Sacred Woods, Fine Herbs & Plants, Palo Santo, Sage, Frankincense.

Sage: Safe Healing Plant, Be Wise

Palo Santo: Holy Wood 

Frankincense: Superior, High Quality Incense


Note: Keep away from children, to avoid fire hazard place the incense stick into the incense holder away from flamable materials as small cinders might fly off the incense stick. Do not blow into the incense stick. 


*Smells and feels divine like an instant spiritual cleansing and protection. Powerful notes of Sage, Sweet Palo Santo and Mystical Frankincense. 

Sacred Incense (3 packs)

SKU: LH2020080
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