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I founded LEMON HOUSE because I wanted to share authentic and ethical products for overall well being. I created a brand that delivers

ancient & sacred wisdom for modern day needs. 



Our story began over a decade and a half ago with our journeys of self discovery and desire to live the healthiest, happiest, best versions of self. This journey continues to this day and it is not a destination - it is a journey of life itself. We travelled many miles around the globe, sought out and trained with greatest mentors to create the ultimate balance in life, to feel happiness in our hearts and have peace of mind. We wanted to combine the best protocols, recipes and wisdom into one brand. This is how

Lemon House manifested.


Lemon House is dedicated to guiding people's awakening to inner power, courage, self-healing, happiness and peace. We exist to help others become their own gurus, their own teachers of life and their own source of happiness. Lemon House guides you to see the invisible so you can achieve the impossible.

We support businesses and individuals operating at the highest level of conscious living, honouring the Planet - Mother Earth and all sentient beings. We stand for the future of our children, for our planet, and for conscious way of doing business. We give back through Gift-It-Forward Initiatives.


Why Lemon House? Our founders love lemons for their multiple uses for the overall well being of the physical, mental and spiritual body. Lemons have many health benefits, they are a potent detoxifier, they improve liver function, help clear the skin, stimulate digestive health, eliminate kidney stones. They are also loved by spiritual healers who use them to detect negative energy. If left in a room with good energy the lemon will age naturally to a dry state. If a lemon starts getting mouldy, it means the room needs a cleanse. Energy cleanse of a room can be done with smudges like sage, palo santo or other sacred herbs, crystals and sacred mists. We hope that you find a new appreciation for lemons as you learn about all of their gifts. When Lemon House Company was born we knew it would contain the word Lemon. The word House was added during a brainstorming session in a synchronistically channeled moment. Welcome to your Home for your Happy Conscious Living.

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