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Client Testimonials



"I am absolutely delighted with the quality of LEMON HOUSE Sacred Incense sticks. The burning of them gives off such a wonderful aroma which seems to 'lift' the energy of each room I place them in. Thank you again. Sent with love and appreciation."

- Peta R.D.

"I had a headache and for some reason I lit the Sacred Incense. I thought I'd just cleanse the energy in my room and then tend to my headache. To my surprise and excitement the headache instantly disappeared! Thank you Lemon House for the beautiful Sacred gifts."

- Elena H.

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"Over the years I have used various essential oils and natural healing products. I can attest that there is something extraordinary healing about the Sacred Oil. It helped relieve my husband's headache, I use it to feel good and will continue to experiment in my self healing practice. Thank you LEMON HOUSE."

- Marie E.

"I just had to tell you how amazing your products are. I injured my wrist and thumb last week and I couldn't brush my teeth or dress myself. I decided to put the Sacred Oil before I went to bed. I applied it two more times and the pain is almost gone, I can even type this email. Thank you very much!

 - Clara P.

"I bought your Sacred Oil a few months ago to use for my lower back pain & love it so much! Just wanted to share that my sister’s 1 yr old baby had a stomach ache & won’t stop crying from the pain. I rubbed this oil over the baby’s belly & his back. Immediately he fell asleep & probably felt a relief! I was so happy because my sister doesn’t believe in what I do. That just makes me happy that I could help a little bit. It also validates that I’m not crazy & there is healing power in your essential oil! I’ll be giving them the oil I bought from you as a gift & I’ll buy another one for myself! Thank you so much!!!" 

- Caren E.



"Sacred Mist gives off an instant relaxing feeling. Water holds memory and this mist feels like years of healing vibration in a little bottle. Can't wait to try the other Sacred products." 

- Dana C.

"I am a healer and I started blessing water to which I added your Sacred Mist and my clients love it. Thank you for sharing the world blessed waters.  

- Rachel S.

"I received the Sacred Mist today!

I love it. Thank you very much!!!  You have amazing customer service!

- Tony P.

"I have the Sacred Mist and it has such a gentle, beautiful energy. It’s so much better than an anti anxiety pill. Definitely a staple!! And the most incredible thing is that it’s the gift that keeps on giving, when you keep refilling it, you have a lifetime of Sacred Water!!"

- Alisha B.

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Pure Energy Healing CRYSTALS

"OMG! Not only was my crystal more beautiful and powerful than I expected but this was the best customer experience I've had online. I can see and feel the love and care you took for each part of this beautiful exchange of gifts and energy. Thank you Lemon House - 5 star experience! 

- Sasha S.

"After much anticipation my Chevron finally arrived today. As I was opening the package my whole body were tingling frantically, I don't know whether out of excitement or energy from the crystal. The moment I saw the crystal, it was blasting me with the most beautiful energy I ever felt. It's so much more beautiful than the photo. Absolutely breathtaking. As I invite the crystal into my heart, my chest was vibrating upwards to my throat and head. Its energy was profound, deep, something I've never experienced before. And all I can think of at that time is to email and thank you guys. So... Thank you, Sonya, for packing my Chevron Amethyst, it was wrapped up so thoughtfully. Thank you Lella, for your lovely Lemon House website and showcasing the most beautifully selected crystals. And... thank you, Mark, for the most beautiful energy you've put into this crystal, and others.

I look forward to working with this crystal. You could say, I haven't stopped smiling since I opened it.

Have a wonderful day and all the best! Much love."

- Alina M.

Thank you for trusting us for conscious gifts for spiritual awakening and self healing to higher vibration! We have the best clients and we love to share their reviews and testimonials. This is what lights up our day, knowing that we are making a small difference in the world and that our work is received with as much love and gratitude as we put into it. You can add your review below. 

Would you like to share your LEMON HOUSE experience and let us know how you've used some of our products?

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