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Sacred Mist

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Sacred Mist is sacred water collected at Sacred Sites from around the world. From over 100 different sites, collected by 4 generations of healers. Water itself is sacred — water is life — yet there are sacred sites usually springs and rivers that are considered to be especially healing.


Quantum physics has observed the energy and power of thought vibration; spoken word; music and other environmental influence over water. If exposed to loving and harmonious energy, water crystals will take a shape of beautiful snowflake crystal looking formations.


Use the mist whenever you want an instant higher vibration feeling and a cleanse of your aura. You can use it to bless you, your home, your work, your pets, your garden flowers or vegetables and more. Spray a pump or two and it will disperse around you in a fine mist to cleanse and strengthen your aura and transform your energy. It can make you feel an instant mood shift towards inner peace, joy and happiness; it helps with positive thoughts and a sense of ease. It's great for an instant inspiration and feel good: at home, work or travel. Sacred Mist is great to use in situations when you are surrounded by other people's vibrations - it can help you stay in your power.


We believe there is much more to Sacred Mist. It is blessed with powerful intentions. Bottle Size: 50ml


*Feels like a blessing and a mist of a sacred waterfall.


This bottle can last you a lifetime. You can keep refilling it, as long as you have a drop of Sacred Mist you can change and transform the energy of added water. 

Sacred Mist

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