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The information provided within this website and our corresponding websites and social media platforms including Rewake Retreats and Lemon House YouTube Channel is general in nature and is for entertainment and/or informational purposes only. The information contains statements of opinion and personal experience that is not intended as therapeutic advice; medical advice; lifestyle advice; nor counselling of any kind. Lemon House blogs, posts, statements, claims, beliefs, recommendations, videos or any other media and information should not be mistaken as therapy nor therapist; counsellor nor medical professional and therefore we recommend that you consult your medical practitioner before commencing any program, course, retreat, event or use of any of our products to determine its suitability to your personal circumstances  and/or needs prior to using our products or before acting upon any of the information contained within this website and it's affiliated links/sites.

By purchasing any product, or by following any information described herein, on our product description or in any of the videos whether in membership or YouTube channel, you accept that you have done so of your own free will and you agree to accept full responsibility for any outcome as a result.

Our products; courses; membership; programs and events are intended to entertain, inform and promote a happy lifestyle obtained by supporting the spiritual, physical and mental body with oils, crystals and natural self healing principles. We do not promote miracle cures, fads or rapid results of any kind.

The testimonials contained within this website and it's affiliated sites are from our clients. Personal success stories provided by people who have followed Lemon House as a guidance, and product reviews that have been posted or submitted to us by customers of our products via email or our social media platforms or by us has been self-reported by each individual and therefore their claims cannot be confirmed. Every effort has been made to accurately represent what you may expect by using our products or attending our events; courses; watching videos or attending retreats; however, this is not an assurance or guarantee that everyone will achieve or experience the same result.


Lemon House d.o.o.  its partners and affiliates ma​ke no claims to instant healing by crystals. We only share our opinions, beliefs and personal experiences. Crystals have been used over millennia as mystical and healing tools. We only share our truths which we do not claim will be the truth for others. 

If you have elected to purchase any of the oils from this or aggregate websites, you understand and agree that there are important risk factors that should be considered by you when deciding whether to purchase and use any oils.

We make no inferences, warranties, promises, suggestions, projections, representations or guarantees whatsoever to you about your use of any of oils sold on this or aggregate website(s), nor do we hold any responsibility for any health effects or reactions upon your use of oils purchased from our website(s).

Oils are highly concentrated, powerful liquids which can be used for a wide range of emotional and physical wellness applications. Any information whether written or in video form by Lemon House is based on our own experience. The way your body reacts to oils is unique and based on your own cellular makeup. They can be toxic if ingested or used incorrectly. If you have any health problems or are taking any medication you should seek advice from your healthcare provider prior to using any oils. 

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