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Nature made. No artificial fragrance, only organic ingredients in our Incense Sticks and Essential Oils. From sacred healing plants and herbs.

All Crystals are genuine & set in Sterling Silver. Beautiful Pure Energy Healing Crystals are great to raise your vibration, elevate your intuition & guide your self healing.



Divine Collection

Pure Energy Healing Crystals

Exclusively for LEMON HOUSE

Divine Collection of Pure Energy Healing Crystals is extremely unique. These jewellery pieces are not only fashionable they are sacred healing crystals. All of them are hand picked from thousands and blessed with a powerful intention and universal healing energy to heighten and awaken a particular crystal memory within to help you feel their power and help you strengthen and heal yourself. 


Crystals are natural healers.

They have been within our Earth longer than recorded history. Crystals have been prized for their healing energy, mystical power and vibration. They help us access our essence, our natural healing vibration of body, mind and spirit - to maintain the equilibrium and innate state of peace, love and harmony.

How to choose the right Crystal? 

Simply browse through our collections and tune into the power and vibration of the crystal. Let the energy of the crystal draw you in - and when it happens, it means it's meant for you.

MOLDAVITE Collection