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Miracle Giftset

This is a complete Giftset of our best selling and most special energy healing products. The collection of these healing gifts from mother nature blessed by prayers and labour of love are the remedies in our personal healing cabinets. Please read the Testimonials to find out their benefits as described by our clients. All products are made with love and only natural ingredients, no aritificial scents. 



Sacred Oil is a potent blend of essential oils derived from sacred herbs and woods to help with self healing; relieving of physical pain and discomfort; chakra balancing; strengthening of aura and life force. It is infused with high vibration of crystals and singing bowls. We use it for the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing and awakening. 



Sacred Mist is a collection of blessed sacred waters from over hundreds of locations from around the world



The smoke of the incense carries high vibration of sacred plants to cleanse and transform the energy to higher frequency. It channels beautiful energy around you and especially your environment to create a sense of balance and harmony in your space; to help bring peace to heart, mind and soul.  



Blessed Incense is a pure, divine energy releasing itself into the ether and helping us feel our power, inner connection to higher self and inspiration to lift our vibration in the moment. Created consciously in accordance with ancient traditions, hand picked by the people of Peru. The Blessed Incense is created from twigs and fallen brances of most sacred incense plants and trees of Palo Santo, Wiracoa & Myrrh. This beautiful incense is loved by many, even thouse who don't like incense.



Divine Incense is our new favourite and most powerful incense. It is a perfect blend to inspire the thought for creation; elevate the feelings of heart to joy; expand the spiritual growth and awaken one's own inner gifts. 


Disclaimer: Please note we will do our best to ship this giftset with the pouch for the Sacred Oil & Sacred Mist as seen in the photo. All our products are hand made and sometimes we have different packaging. 


Note: Keep away from children, to avoid fire hazard place the incense stick into the incense holder away from flamable materials as small cinders might fly off the incense stick. Do not blow into the incense stick. 

Miracle Giftset

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