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Homme Collection is a selection of crystals especially chosen for Him to energize the body, mind & soul. Although all of our crystals can be worn by men and women, we wanted to appeal to masculine aesthetic to introduce beautiful conscious men to crystals. It is absolutely acceptable to wear pink crystals if you are a man or a naturally rugged crystal if you are a woman. There are no rules. Crystal power and their unique vibration and energy is what should speak to you, rather than it's physical appearance. However, if you want to be conscious and fashionable - wonderful! Spirituality, conscious living and enjoying the material aspect of our physical life should not be rigid nor dogmatic. Let the crystal choose you! Or let the crystal find it's way to someone special in your life. Welcome to the world of magic and subtle energy of crystals! 

All Crystals are genuine & set in Sterling Silver.

Beautiful Pure Energy Healing Crystals are great to raise your vibration, elevate your intuition & guide your self healing.

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