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MOLDAVITE Collection 

What is Moldavite? 

"Moldavite is one of the most favoured crystals in the realm of spirituality. It is of mossy green colour, translucent in nature and has various textures, similar to a rugged rough looking glass. It is known to be of high energy vibration and frequency that is unlike any other crystal found in nature, perhaps cause it came from another planet. Moldavite has been linked to extraterrestrial energy - and it might not be a surprise as it came from cosmos and landed on Earth about 13-15 million years ago. As the meteorite blazed through space and turned to fire it crashed in modern day Germany making a crater. After the impact, the molten lava, debris and soil material bounced up into thin air and dispersed back onto Earth. Most of it has been found in modern day Czech Republic." 

The Power of Moldavite (New book by Mark Bajerski & Lella Satie Coming Soon © LEMON HOUSE) 

Begin the journey of awakening and healing of the body, mind & soul.

What is Moldavite?
Backlit moldavite specimen from southern

All Crystals are genuine & set in Sterling Silver.

Beautiful Pure Energy Healing Crystals are great to raise your vibration, elevate your intuition & guide your self healing.

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