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Crystals & Pearls Necklace - "Power & Intuition"

This gorgeous necklace made with Love by Lella Satie is a Pure Self Expression of Love & Beauty. It can be worn to support your Heart Energy, Love Vibration, Intuition, Happiness & Attraction of Abundance. It has a Cleansing & Clearing Energy of White Pearls, Soothing Love Energy of Pink Pearl; Heart & Courage Energy of Peach Pearl; Rose Quartz; Amethyst & Golden Rutilated Quartz.

The necklace itself holds the energy of these soothing crystals and the intention of it's creation with the energy of prayers for empowerment, intuition, health, courage, action, love & abundance.


White Pearls: Clarity, Cleansing, Purifying & Strengthening Energy, Intuition

Peach Perls: Self Expression & Courage

Pink Pearls: Loving Soothing Energy

Rose Quartz: Energy of Heart, Love, Sensuality, Sexuality

Amethyst: Energy of High Vibration, Intuition, Spiritual Awakening, Psychic Awareness

Rutilated Quartz: Vibrates with the Energy of Happiness, Joy, Abundance (of all things positive); Attraction of One's Desires; Courage; Inspiration; Sun Energy


Use the necklace in meditation. Great for affirmations. As you hold each bead; one at a time, say your affirmations and gratitude. Use it like this at times of self healing, empowerment - when you need a little energy boost, encouragement and positivity. Then trust that your wishes are granted - get up and do the next logical step towards your goals. Keep moving, stay in action. 


Number of beads 108: representing the wholeness of existence.


Length: 85cm (33.46 inches)

Sterling silver clasp, sterling silver heart

Crystals & Pearls Necklace - "Power & Intuition"

SKU: 1451
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