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Sacred Oil




Sacred Oil is a potent blend of essential oils derived from sacred herbs and woods to help with self healing; relieving of physical pain and discomfort; chakra balancing; strengthening of aura and life force. It is infused with high vibration of crystals and singing bowls. Sacred Oil contains parts of essential healing oils that have been kept and used by 4 generations of shamans and healers. This special oil is an inspiration channeled in a message from spirit and created by Pure Energy Healers for the purpose of helping clients heal themselves.



Sacred Oil is used to help relieve physical pain and discomfort such as headache; muscle and joint pain; menstrual cramps; emotional discomfort; balancing and activating chakras; bringing harmony within; a sense of peace within and energizing of aura/life-force. 


Sacred Oil is wonderful for those who want to ease their emotional stress (heart chakra); gain clarity from negative thought pattern or mental confusion from stress, worry and fear. It us used as a positive energy conduit for those living a highly engaged life; artists; massage therapists; yoga teachers; natural and energy healing practitioners.


Ingredients:  Organic essential oils: Sage, Palo Santo, Frankincense and proprietary ingredients. 

SAGE: is a known natural anti bacterial, it eases muscular and joint pain, helps with digestion, helps clear certain skin issues, helps boost cognitive process - activates and enhances thinking. 

PALO SANTO: this is a great "feel good" essential oil known for easing emotional stress, helping relieve anxiety and breathing issues. 

FRANKINCENSE: there are studies showing that boswellic acids of Frankincense helps the immune system prevent certain illness.


How to use: 

Sacred Oil is highly potent and should be used in small amounts. Place 3 drops of oil onto your palm; rub against your other palm and cup the hands to inhale the powerful aroma of the oil. Rub onto the area you wish to heal, release tension, discomfort or pain from. For emotional and spiritual healing and awakening: rub the oil over your heart chakra and any other chakra point(s). For relief from headaches, stress or tension rub onto temples; for easing intestinal discomfort or for menstrual cramps rub over your abdomen; massage it over a muscle for pain relief; mix with non scented carrier oil for a powerful healing massage. 


Do not use internally or over open wounds. If you have a medical condition or allergies, consult with your doctor before using it. This description is from our experience with this product as well as of our clients. Your use and benefits might differ. Use within 12 months of opening. Bottle size: 15ml


*Smells and feels divine, igniting a newfound inner power. Potent scents of Clary Sage, Sweet Palo Santo and Mystical Frankincense.



Sacred Oil

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