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20 Day Water Fast - My Gift To Self, Entering The Age Of Aquarius

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

When people learn that I have just done a 20 day #waterfast they look at me in disbelief, amusement or they think I might have eaten something at night or when I got hungry. The first question they ask is how much weight did I lose. Here is a short answer to both concerns: I didn't get hungry and it's irrelevant how much weight I lost - and the long answer follows with explanations of many more profound benefits of extended water fasting.

I didn't go on a 20 Day Water Fast to lose weight and neither did I do it because it's the new fad and the world is learning about fasting. I have been vegetarian and vegan for over 13 years and I have done a number of fasts before, both juice fasts and water fasts. #Fasting is an #ancient healing practice and it's the quickest way to #detox to allow the body to #heal itself and regenerate tissue and stem cells.

Some of my close friends and family members wondered why would I need to go on a water fast if I'm already healthy and I follow healthy practices. Well darling, I have also been living in environments with pollutants in air, water and food and for couple of decades I've been eating what my parents taught was healthy, which now I know isn't... I didn't have to do the water fast, I wanted to give myself a gift. My 20 day water fast was my gift to self, to enter into the Age of Aquarius, being sustained by the milk of Mother Earth. The symbol and meaning of 2020 is to have a vision 20-20, an all knowing vision of the invisible.

Here is a brief summary of my experience. I set off for Bali this January ready to embark on an extended water fast. I wanted to enter into the Age of Aquarius drinking only aqua. I prepared myself mentally, physically and emotionally for this journey and I couldn't wait to begin. For the first 5 days of my fast I had an accommodation in the jungle in North Bali by a waterfall and a sacred spring which was my only sustenance for the following 20 days. I drank pristine, pure water straight from mother earth, without filters, fluoride or other poisons. All day and night I could hear the stream of water flowing next to my room, and all the other sounds of jungle wildlife changed with time of the day. The jungle is lush with various plants, trees and flowers. I meditated, I wrote, I went for walks, hikes, I took naps, I showered under a waterfall, I sun bathed, I connected with nature and enjoyed the sight and beauty around me witnessing more shades of green than I've ever seen before. I did the work: the great work of enlightenment and self healing or Magnus Opus as taught to me by my mentor and good friend Don Tolman. I did flushes and enemas -a daily must do if you are on a fast, otherwise all the work goes to 'waste' as your body cannot release the 'waste' and toxins if you stop having daily bowel movements.

The first three days are usually more challenging than the rest. This time for me, my first three days were easier than ever. Between days 4 and 8 my energy ebbed and flowed. I moved to a beach accommodation days 5-10, only minutes away from the jungle. It was a beautiful and welcomed change. Now I was able to do my sun gazing every morning and night for sunrise and sunset. My body quickly adjusted to the time zone as I went to sleep with sun and rose again with sun. I followed the pattern of nature and my body adjusted, healed, detoxed and got stronger. I worked with and got energy and healing from my healing #crystals from LEMON HOUSE Divine Collection. I observed all the creatures around me move through a natural pattern of daily body cycles. Birds, butterflies, geckos, squirrels, fish, they all honour this natural biorhythm. I swam in the ocean. I noticed my connection to spirit - the cosmic oneness - getting stronger. Witnessing a fish jumping right next to me at a perfect moment when I looked in that direction, or seeing a dolphin, or a bird flying around me in circles, or the same butterfly landing playfully on my body multiple times are just some gentle yet heartfelt signs and love from the Cosmos (I prefer the word over Universe - which implies there is only one).

In the morning of day 10 after sun gazing I did a run on the beach. I felt stronger in mind, body, spirit and heart than I did before my fast. There are so many benefits and spiritual awakening that happened on those ten days. In the afternoon I moved to the green rice fields of Ubud thinking that I will break my fast and that I've done well for my self-healing for 10 days. However, when I got there I realized I am not done and I knew I will go through to day 20. I stayed in Ubud only four days and moved to another beach as I missed the ocean, sun gazing and sun bathing which is necessary part of a water fast as that's how you get your vitamin D and nourishment from Father Sun. Days 11-20 were days of strengthening. I ran a sprint on the beach on day 20. My already sensitive, intuitive, empathic nature expanded and got deeper. Clarity of my thoughts, feelings, senses and sensations, my skin, body energy, complexion got clearer and stronger. When day 20 arrived I almost felt a slight sadness for knowing it's the last day and I even briefly contemplated extending the fast. I checked in with my intuition and was satisfied to call it a complete fast. I look forward to my next fast and an even longer one.

The feelings of gratitude for my body, my will power, my intuition, courage, spirit and intellect that I have done great work of healing and elevating my spirit - just like the great men and women did millennia ago - is unmeasurable. I've always lived in gratitude, and consciously living by my values. Now every part of me has elevated 100 times. My gratitude for Mother Earth, Father Sun, The Great Spirit, Cosmos, All Beings, the visible and the invisible is... in one word: profound. Breaking the fast and the following 30 days of eating should be done gradually, starting with juice, then adding raw fruits and vegetables and so on. I've now started to prepare my vegan meals and as if overnight I've become a gourmet chef. Upon returning from Bali I've spent time with my loved ones and they've told me that they've never tasted better food in their life. I must say the same. I am truly grateful and surprised by my own chef - it's as if another person is cooking. Actually it's as if another person came back from Bali altogether, and this is not only my statement. If you were in my inner circle you would know that I love and appreciate food, real food, the one that grows in nature (not the packaged products sold as food). I've always been a #conscious eater, engaging all of my senses and appreciating the nourishment, savouring each and every bite - and now my appreciation for food has grown exponentially. Eating is a sacred offering to my #body, #heart, #mind and #soul - a sacrament to all of my senses. I smell, look, feel, touch and savour my food and I know what it does for my body as I feel the energy of the fresh living and raw foods healing and nourishing me. It is a blessing. A conscious eater has gratitude for food and the steps and all the work it took by all the people and nature before it gets to their plate.

My experience of water fasting started a number of years ago with intermittent fasting, one day water fasts, followed by three day water fasts and from there on I kept extending the number of days and frequency of my fasting. Each time it was easier, and each time I learned something new about the body, about proper ways to fast, about myself, my spirit and my life... I could go on for days telling you about the benefits and the great gifts of fasting and strengthening the body, mind, heart and soul. Yet when you do your water fast, your experience and your results and benefits will be different because your body is different and your energy, mindset and spiritual connection are all different.

We have all heard the quote by Hippocrates of Kos, the founder of medicine: "Let food be thy medicine and let medicine be thy food" yet not many people are practicing that statement. Instead of healing thyself - people are turning to "doctors" and being patient while indoctrinated persons practice on them and prescribe them man made poisons. Did you look up the etymology of the word pharmacy the last time you went to pick up your pills. It is a word derived from Greek "pharmakon" and Latin "pharmacia" meaning drug, poison, spell. Now ask yourself: why would you put into your organic nature-made body something man made in a laboratory.

If I inspire one person reading this to go for a day and drink only water to heal themselves and feel the benefit of body clearing and detoxing; perhaps even changing their habits to implement more conscious eating habits, more plant based - whole foods and hence healthier choices, than I have done my job.

In the coming weeks I will release a vlog on my YouTube Channel and go into more details about the fast and share some footage that I have recorded while I was on a fast. You can join me there and subscribe to my channel at LINK.

Love & Light,

Lella ♥️

Actor Writer Director Healer

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3 comentarios

Sam Lyndley
Sam Lyndley
05 mar 2020

Hi Lella,

I have arrived in Spain for a month and since the day I landed on Sunday I have been physically ill,

I came across your blog today on water fasting and it really speaks to me so I am interested in doing this whilst I’m in Spain in the hope my body will begin to heal,

How long would you suggest doing this for the first time and is there anything else I need to do alongside drinking water to support myself?

Thank you, Sam

Me gusta

Lella Satie
Lella Satie
24 feb 2020

Thank you very much Jacqueline! <3

Me gusta

Beautiful Lella,

You have inspired me to give it a try. Not 20 days of course but maybe

start with 3 and go from there.

Me gusta
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