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Actor's Journey To Becoming A Healer

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

Where do I begin. From the beginning, middle or end. I don’t think there is such a distinction when the journey comes full circle. There is no beginning and there is no end. It all just - IS.

Acting has been a passion of mine and my first love of self expression ever since I was a child. I was the family comedian and a performer. I’d create skits for family member’s birthdays, I’d dress in my mom’s clothes and put on her heels and makeup and perform to a large audience - invisible to others, but to me, it was a full house. I’d wait for my moments of home alone to put on my costumes and act. Fast forward a decade or so depending when you start counting and there I was, following the dream. #Training as an actor with great mentors; and #acting on stage and screen in Prague, Toronto and New York.

I’ve had a profound privilege to connect to a few great women who were instrumental in my life and who nurtured certain qualities within me that wanted to express themselves. Susan Batson is the mother of my #artist. There are no words to express the greatness and my gratitude for Susan Batson. She is a living legend and the acting coach to Oscar winning actors, musicians and aspiring artists.

The more I trained as an actor and the more demanding the roles I was preparing the more I was working on myself. An actor cannot authentically portray another character if they don’t know themselves: what moves them, what triggers them, and all the workings of their instrument -their emotional quotient of intelligence. The work on self that I’ve committed to is based on a number of different modalities: psychology, ontology, #spirituality and holistic #healing. The only healing I subscribe to is self healing: of the body, mind, heart and soul. Healing of the self through various practices does not include when others practice on you, but when you practice the true art of healing: when you allow your body to heal itself.

The whole of your body is greater than the sum of its parts. Therefore, to heal your emotions you should look to heal your mindset and your gut. Your stomach is a second brain producing same chemicals as the brain, it is your intuitive centre and your inner knowing. It is there that you know something and only thereafter the brain registers it in form of a thought - and you think it’s your intellect giving you the information. To heal your skin - you need to look at your negative thought patterns and also rid your body and organs of toxicity. Every part of your body system is connected and you should look not to cover or mask the symptoms but to treat the root cause: which could be #emotional, #mental, #physical or all of the above.

I have a thirst for knowledge and wisdom and I’m an avid learner, so I delved into these modalities like a true scholar. Experimenting, trying them on and testing. I’ve identified the things that work for me and which I started recommending to others, and I would only do so if I trusted the method and if I believed that it would make a difference for others. Along the way I’ve become a life coach - or have I been one all along? Even as a child and throughout my life I’ve been asked for life coaching and advice from adults, friends, strangers. People would open up to me about their biggest secrets and tell me things they never said to anyone. I’ve been called “A healer of healers” by a number of healers practicing different methods of healing: from an Aboriginal Elder healer to a holistic practitioner to energy healer. I knew what qualities within me they were referring to but I didn’t want to acknowledge or claim that description of self. I am an Artist! Acting is my passion and I can write and direct but I am not a healer -or so I thought.

A few years ago I set on a travel to Mijas Pueblo, a little village in Costa del Sol, Spain. By now I’ve delved into the mastery of mindset and the teachings of being through the art of transformation; I’ve studied about healing of the body with the master of ancient wisdom and knowledge Don Tolman; I’ve become plant based; I’ve learned from shamans, elders and various holistic and other modalities like reiki. This trip to Spain I believed was going to complete my tools of healing myself -the body, mind, heart and soul - as I learn about my spirit and the Pure Energy Healing from the founder of the Pure Energy Healing Academy, Mark Bajerski. I was going to take the course for myself, I had no intention of becoming a healer and I almost didn’t even want to tell anyone about my new secret superpower.

Everything that I’ve learned about Mark as I did my research before embarking on my journey is true in real life -he is as humble, kind, generous, authentic as I thought he is. His truth and simplicity is profound and that’s the essence and magic of Pure Energy Healing. Our innate gift of healing and our connection to spirit has always been within us. We’ve just not taken the time to honour and appreciate it, rather we’ve been trained to avoid it and focus on our thoughts. We are all spiritual beings. The word spirit means breath or to breathe. Spiritual is not some Wicca, voodoo or magic, it is you taking a breath now and then now and now; loving yourself; doing a kind deed; having a loving heart and Pure Energy Healing.

The story evolves like this: since completing my first course at the Pure Energy Healing Academy, I’ve completed the PEH curriculum; I’ve participated in most of the courses over the last three years shadowing Mark Bajerski, learning from him and offering my wisdom and expertise. I believe that the world needs what the PEH Academy has to offer and I have embraced the arts of healing by becoming the teacher of the Pure Energy Healing. We are now brining the Pure Energy Healing Academy for the first time to North America and offering the course in Toronto this April, and in June the course is offered in Spain.

For details about the Pure Energy Healing Academy, courses and upcoming dates please visit

Thank you for reading. In one of my next blogs I will write more about the Pure Energy Healing.

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The Pure Energy Healing Academy

Lella Satie

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