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Create 2023: In the Beginning was the Word

How will you enter into the New Year? If you want 2023 to be fresh and greater than the 2022 - then you need to be a greater version of yourself. I love this sage saying Every day in every way I'm getting better and better (It's part of my Affirmations Video). These words give me power and energy. I feel like I'm in control of my circumstances and I can change things at will. In the beginning was the Word. How do we create words: by thinking them - saying them in our mind and then speaking them by adding a sound vibration. Word is energy! Whatever energy you create - you become a magnet for! Therefore: be careful what you think is a sound advice. Cause you don't want to think that which you don't want to manifest in your physical reality.

Thoughts (words) and feelings are what make the wheel of our energy in motion. I'd draw it out like this: words are a hub, feelings are the spokes and the rim is the energy created by the interaction of our thoughts and feelings. What kind of wheel do you want to turn for yourself in 2023? If you want a wheel of Fortune: be Grateful, feel Blessed; if you want to feel Love: Be Love; radiate love; be IN LOVE - love yourself and your life; be loving to other people, the planet, animals and inanimate objects. If you want to experience Abundance: Be Abundant; give (time, energy, things, money); feel gratitude for what you have; say thank you; feel the abundance of nature. If you want to experience _______ (fill in the blank) be ______ (write the same word in present tense).

If you value your energy, your feelings, thoughts, relationships, creations and you want to prosper and create an amazing year in 2023, here are some masterful practices that I've experienced over the years and found great benefit from.