Crystals in Depth - Q&A with Mark Bajerski & Lella Satie

This week we continue the conversation about crystals. We put together some of the most common questions about the workings of crystals and asked Mark Bajerski & Lella Satie to give us a more in depth overview of the power of crystals. The questions come from those with more experience with crystals and those with no previous knowledge or understanding. After reading this article if you'd like to know more, you can leave your question in the comments below and we might include it in one of the next blogs.

How do you know that crystals work?

M: Probably because I've seen too many miracles with children, heart broken men, depressed women, and once the crystal has been given to them the transformation is either instantaneous or within couple of weeks the individual changes from a state of suffering to deep inner peace. On a personal note, sixteen years ago crystals transformed my life from living with stress and hectic energy to finding inner peace through my work with crystals. The most powerful talisman in our world, beyond any other that I've worked with is a crystal.

L: In one word: trust. In more words: after my university I was a sceptic of everything non-science based. I was trained to question everything and look for the scientific proof. Spirituality is labeled a pseudo-science which implies you shouldn't trust it. I'd say now, that was programming -to only trust the formal narrative and the "official" sources. When I began my journey of transformation I began to question all of that programming and began to listen to myself, my intuition and the inner spiritual voice. I connected with mentors which introduced me to those things that I could feel and not yet fully understand. They validated my inner truth. In the previous blog I wrote about it: I trusted my spiritual mentor that crystals will help my healing. And it worked! My experience is my scholastic evidence in my own study and observation; and that is what I trust more than any scientific mind or logic.

How do crystals work to help you?

M: The simple answer is you don't need to know how crystals work. What you need to know is really simple: as soon as you feel attached to a crystal; as soon as you feel drawn to a crystal, what I call "the crystal chooses you"; this is the starting point of the connection with that crystal. Even after one healing session, the work of a crystal can be felt for days, weeks and months to come. The crystal never stops working.

L: How crystals work is how nature works, powered by Light & Love. The energy of sunshine (Light) maintains life on Earth as does Love. Give a newborn baby (whether of human or animal kingdom) only food and no love and it won't thrive. Give them nature AND nurture and they will live a healthy, happy life. We don't need to get into the minutia of how things work for them to work. As we are of nature and so are crystals - they compliment our energy and vibration. I am not interested in pleasing the sceptic with a scientific proof in an answer. There are many things science cannot explain; and many things that science is made to explain in a way that maintains a certain practice or belief. We are witnessing a time when scientists and doctors disagree at large and some are admitting to adjusting their findings to get funding etc. If you like to please your logical thought there are studies in quantum physics which might give you a more logical explanation on how crystals work.

Do they help those who don't believe in spiritual work?