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Family Reminders For Well Being & Harmony

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

With everything that's going on in the world more people are reaching out for help and guidance as they awaken to what's really important in life. The picture of an ideal family life on the outside, often carries many hidden struggles on the inside of a family unit. I share my recent client Transformation Journey. Whether you are single or you have a family, same things affect our quality of life.

Without much ado let me give you an overview of a Transformation Journey of one family. Case Study: Successful executives, a married couple of twelve years with children, dream vacations and seemingly everything you could look for on desirability check list. Each partner has been struggling with the load of work they took on (whether or nor it was aligned with their core values), the relationship suffered and no-one could deal with children effectively (no babysitter wanted to take on a job). These people with post-nominal titles, who think logically and see anything spiritual as fluff and pseudo science, were open to giving it a try as no therapy or counselling made any difference, as things were getting worse by the day.

After observing their personal realities (personalities) through their activities, engagements and interactions, I guided them through a complete Transformation Journey. Taking care of family is like taking care of health and well being. You cannot impact the reactions without healing the cause of actions. It's like an ointment to a skin infection. As long as you rub it on, you will keep the symptoms away. However, in order to cure the symptom completely you need to detox and reset your internal organs.

The Transformation Journey included a full house cleanse. This is different than cleaning and scrubbing the space between ceilings and floors. A full day of saging the house is cleansing and clearing of energy and vibration -which most people don't see in physical reality. This is the energetic vibration of the house (and work space). It impacts our moods and holds the charge of our reactions. It's palpable to those who are sensitive to energy and can become really dense with low vibration. It could even hold generationally trapped spirit-energy from previous dwellers of the same property. Two days of raising energy vibration and a blessing.

The family was empowered to see healthier options for their behavioural actions and reactions, eating habits and upholding their values. Their children are now self regulating their own behaviours and reactions to their siblings. The partners have made corrections to their unworkable behaviours and took on new tasks. This checklist now resides as a centrepiece in their main room.

Where only a few generations ago we lived in tribes and communities of extended family, today we are single or couples without or with "2.2 kids, a job and a van". Where we had grandparents, aunts, uncles and other family members to help with life chores and roles, we now "struggle to keep it together". Our partners are strained and our relationships strangled with unfulfilled needs that we expect to meet by being in a relationship.

We expect our partner to be our soul mate, great lover, protector, best friend, therapist, husband/wife, amazing child-care-giver maybe even a business partner and we still want them to be romantic and keep us happy and engaged as well as entertained. This is a lot of roles for any one individual to fulfill and even a single expectation will leave you disappointed.

We got to take care of our own "well" of needs. I love play on words and the "well" meaning "well being" 'as well' as a "deep well" of needs. We and only we are responsible for our health and happiness. Healthy body, mind, heart and soul = joy and satisfaction.

Always in the HeART ♥️

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