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Four Days of Magic

Last week was a magical experience for the P.E.H. Academy. We held the Pure Energy Healing Course in the beautiful mountains of Slovenia. The Academy home is in the Spanish mountains of Andalusia, so being nestled in the energy of another mountain was a perfect setting for our course. This was a new location for the Academy, people had to cross multiple borders with the new rules in place and we didn't know what to expect. It was ever more beautiful and magical than we could have imagined.

The mountains of Kranjska Gora embraced us with the amazing energy along with the lush green forests, waterfalls, rivers and lakes. Our participants started to arrive the day before the course as we prepared our healing room. With the sacred tools brought from the P.E.H. Academy and our Sacred Incense, Sacred Oils & Crystals we created a beautiful space for the course to commence.

Mark Bajerski, the Founder of the Pure Energy Healing Academy and I witnessed the beautiful souls grow through the inner transformation and experience healing. Day one is usually full of excitement and anticipation. We begin the course with a meditation, an overview of how the days will flow and we dive right into the work of the Pure Energy Healing. We talk about all the tools and remind everyone that all we ever need is right there within our very own being. We are the most important healing tool and the only one we truly need. Everything else adds to the magic of healing - it's like taking your best friend along to join in the experience.

On days two and three we focus on the practice of healing. We do Pure Energy Healing as we develop our own unique gifts of healing. Mark and I share our healing experiences and he continues to tell his personal stories and wisdom. By day four we are a family of connected souls who recognize the divine in each one of us and the intangible connection that brought us all together. We continue with healing sessions of our clients who are friends and family of the Academy and our participants; we do distant healing and we touch on the many questions including what it takes to establish a successful healing practice. By the end of the course there are many magical moments exchanged, some exclusively kept for our inner circle of Pure Energy Healers; new beginnings and lasting friendships.

The lovely flowers that walked in on day one have now blossomed and bloomed into most beautiful and radiant souls. We not only witness the shift in their energy; the bright sparkles in their eyes; we also see the physical transformation on their glowing and smiling faces and the lightness of their being.

We have a surprise for all of those amazing souls who wanted to be there but couldn't; for everyone who has requested to be able to join us. We are pleased and excited to let you know that we are bringing the P.E.H. Academy to the world. With the intention to bring healing and transformation to the world we will be making the Pure Energy Healing Course as an Online Course with a Live component. Subscribe to our newsletter and watch out for the coming weeks as we prepare to bring the magical four days to your homes and offices.

With much gratitude we welcome our new Pure Energy Healing Practitioners whom you can find and contact from our link "Find A Practitioner" on the P.E.H. Academy website.

Always in the HeART ♥️

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This week's featured healing crystals

Chrysoprase, Tiger's Eye, Green Moonstone Garnierite

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