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Freedom, Feelings & Self Empowerment

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

Freedom: the word, the feeling, the idea. Free yourself from the dogma of others and from the constraints of your mind and you will always be able to choose to feel free. Choice is a keyword to feeling free and empowered. If you think you have no choice: you will feel trapped, you will feel like a victim, and victims take no responsibility for their actions. They look for the outside source to blame their results. Even in the most of dyer situations one can choose to feel free and empowered by their own truth and values. Mind over matter is the practice of mindfulness and that is self-empowerment and a way of conscious living.

If you know that You are the One you’ve been waiting for - to save you, to care for you, to do what’s best for you; then you won’t wait for someone else to do something to save the day. You won't give your power away.

Living consciously reinforces a sense of freedom. It might seem like a tantamount task as in: "It’s not only that I have to check off my to-do list and take care of my family and other responsibilities but you're asking me to be conscious and aware of all of my actions?" Yes! It's possible. Anything that your mind conceives it can achieve.

We are spiritual beings in a physical body. The one thing that’s keeping your body alive is your breath. If everything is taken away from you - you will survive as long as you have your breath. Let’s expand this observation and include your health. You’ve read the Hippocrates' quote that we subscribe to: “Let food be thy medicine and let medicine by the food.” We don't take this statement lightly, we (Lemon House & Co.; PEH Academy) live by it and we've healed ourselves and helped others heal themselves with natural healing modalities. If you haven’t embraced your health in natural ways - this statement might seem too simplistic. "This can't be? What about science and the “c” words and other dis-eases." You must by now be aware that there are people who have healed themselves from the most difficult illnesses with nature; with strong mindset and self healing practices. Let that be your guiding light no matter what you're dealing with. You can be your own healer, leader and do-er.

Read, learn, research, do a course in different healing techniques and you will gain more power and feel more in control of your own well being. And that might be the beginning of your sense of freedom and empowerment. When you're certain that no matter what happens - you will be ok, because you know how to take care of yourself; you will have a stronger sense of self and greater confidence.

When you're strong in your mind, body and spirit - you will feel courageous and free. You will be able to BE with anything, anywhere - whatever life throws at you. If you have the autonomy of your health and a strong mindset you will create things newly, you will find solutions, you will find a way to live and be fulfilled. Let that be your freedom to live by.

Step out of the worry and fear-based looping of the mind's chatter. Those are the lowest vibrations, they cause and are a source of emotional and physical pain and suffering. They are dense and heavy vibrations that don't allow for the spiritual flow. Practice meditation, heal your body, strengthen your mind. Use any tools that work for you: energetic healing, detox the body, build the immune system, use essential oils and aromatherapy, try using crystals to help change your vibration, exercise, go for walks in the nature and be consistent with your practices. Create healthy routines and make them a habit. You will gain momentum and if and when you get down again you will know how to get up and how to continue to awaken and strengthen yourself. And that is the ultimate freedom - knowing that you are at the source of your health, happiness and your life and livelihood.

One of the ways that has helped me heal and strengthen myself is through the courses offered at the Pure Energy Healing Academy. Through the Pure Energy Healing I've expanded my self healing practices and now they include the healing power of crystals, organic essential oils and incense. My experience with these beautiful healing tools has lead me to share them with the world.

Sacred Oil is a blend of organic essential oils known for their healing properties to help with muscle and joint pains, easing of the emotional stress and spiritual awakening. Main ingredients: sage, palo santo & frankincense. I invite you to do a quick search on the benefits of these sacred herbs.

Take one step towards your feeling better, take one step towards feeling free. Take another step, and another. Take a step and move forward no matter what - whether you feel like it or don't - especially when you don't feel like it. Then, take another step and soon enough you will create a momentum at which point your actions and new habits will become part of your daily routine - and that's one way to access freedom. Having ease of mind will help you feel better, knowing that you can make a difference in your life. When you're strong enough - pass on the knowledge and teach someone else what worked for you.

Keep strong, empower yourself with tools and knowledge and you will feel stronger in body, mind and spirit. Find the courage and freedom to be at the source of your own feelings.

Always in the HeART ♥️

Artist, LEMON HOUSE Founder, Pure Energy Healing Academy Instructor

*Legal Disclaimer: Please note neither Lemon House nor Lella Satie are giving any medical advice. You should check in with a medical professional for any and all of your health concerns. This article and all writings within this website are for information and entertainment purposes.

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