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From Exhaustion To Exhilaration In A Month

Updated: Oct 23, 2022

Hello Beautiful Soul,

It's a beautiful moment on a Saturday when I think of connecting with you. As the weather in the Northern Hemisphere is getting colder and the days are getting dimmer I thought this might be an important topic to tackle before the Winter to avoid the Season's Blues. What you do now to prepare for the coming Season might make all the difference. Let's finish the year on a high note and begin the New Year with healthy habits and positive outlook on life.

If you are a living, breathing, human being you've been through some form of stress, expressed as anxiousness, lethargy or other forms of low vibration feelings. What stands out in the fabric of these feelings is the similarity in their physical manifestation: feeling of not being able to focus during the day, a sense of heaviness in every part of one's being. This leads to unproductivity and a general sense of uneasiness. If you're tired of being exhausted, make a commitment to yourself to follow through your daily to do's. Below are some suggestions and easy steps to get you going and help you build healthy new habits.

If you follow the simple steps outlined below every day for a month - you will build a muscle and mindset to stay in your power and keep creating. Heaviness will become lightness of being and you will enjoy waking up, knowing that you have a whole new day to make a difference for yourself and your life. Make a step in a single moment at a time. Then make another one, each day and then each week. One will lead to the next and before you know it, a month will go by and you will build a momentum. Guard and keep this momentum with all your might. Stay focused and continue making steps on your life's journey. If you fall, start again. If you make it to three months with a steady schedule of "must do's" that you fulfill every day - I'm certain I will hear about your success story soon. Please check back and let us know what happened along your exciting path.

No one is coming! It's on you to make a difference for yourself. Thank you for allowing me to offer this reminder and hopefully a trigger for you to step into your greatness. You are amazing, and the world needs you! The world is awaiting, for you to step into your light and share your unique gift. No matter where you are on the spectrum of light in life; the rainbow awaits you and there's always a pot of gold at the end of it.

Today is a perfect day to begin living your best life ever, being the best version of yourself and honouring the gifts within.

Easy Powerful Steps & Tools for Living Your Best Life, Being the Best Version of Self:

  • Early to bed, early to rise and carpe diem (Lat. Sieze the day)! You might have heard of the 5AM Club. It's the time of rising for many successful people, entrepreneurs and those who are up to creating many great things in life. Even if 5AM is not your thing, try to rise with the morning rays of daylight. Waking up early will give you more hours to be productive and enjoy the sunlight for Vitamin D production and happiness hormones. Going to bed early will help you be asleep when it's best for your body to get rest and sleep when your melatonin levels are highest. Go with the flow of nature.

  • Get up, Make the bed and Dress Up. These simple and quick tasks will get you moving and help you feel accomplished. You will already complete a task and feel good about yourself being in your nice clean clothes, brushed and washed ready to begin your day. The key is to rise upon waking. If you continue to snooze, you'll likely sleep in and feel sluggish.

  • Exercise. Move the body every day, even if it's a 20-30min brisk walk; dance to your favourite happy tunes; walk up and down the stairs; walk around the neighbourhood; run to the nearest park or even between the two walls in your largest room. Keep moving. Movement is life. As you move the physical body, it will move and clear the thoughts and your mind will come up with new and fresh ideas.

  • Stay in ACTION! As soon as you get a nudge or an idea of the next task: go and do it! Don't wait for a "special" moment 'cause you can quickly settle back into your "comfort zone" which in reality is a discomfort zone. There is nothing comfortable about being stressed, upset, sluggish or feeling stuck in life. No one and nothing is worth you giving up on yourself. No one can take away or give you your joy. Gratitude is key to happiness, and action is key to fulfilment. Write down your next logical steps and put them in a calendar. Every day work your plan, starting with the most difficult task (usually the one with the highest priority).

  • Get a coach or a mentor or at least an accountability partner. When we share our goals and dreams with someone and they give us guidance or support, we are likely to follow through with our actions. Rather than doing what you've already done, which doesn't work, allow someone to coach you to your next breakthrough. You do all the work and they are there to cheer you on.

  • Use incense, crystals, essential oils or other natural tools to lift your mood and elevate your spirit. My go-to, pick-me-ups are my crystals and spiritual tools. I choose them in a moment when I need a little help to reconnect to my essence, to stand in my greatness to encourage myself and use my strengths. My favourite healing essential oil blend is the Sacred Oil - infused with the Pure Energy Healing and Crystals. I choose a Crystal that calls my attention in a given moment. My favourite incense is Sacred Incense. These tools are always at my fingertips as they reliably lift my energy and vibration.

  • Do a Pure Energy Healing Course. This is my recommendation for anyone who wants to step into their own power and begin a new path of healing and transformation. This experiential course can be completed in as little as 4 days. It will give you a new perspective on life, it will help you tune in to your strengths and assist your overall healing and empowerment. Take advantage of the Sliding Scale pricing until November 30, 2022.

No matter what the resistance has been - if you break through and begin implementing these tools daily, in one month your life will be and look different! You can pivot and take your probable future in a whole new direction! You can feel excitement and exhilaration for being alive, for having a chance to live your best life ever. You can stand in your power to navigate the circumstances of what life brings with a new positive outlook! Doing simple things consistently, one at a time over a period of a month can have you complete a project, begin a new one, start a new career, lose weight and even move to another country... The possibilities are infinite! What will you do? Same old thing that got you to where you are OR something new that you will commit to, no matter what, knowing that you are the creator of your own destiny!?

Thank you for reading,

Much love, Lella Always in the HeART ♥️

Lella Satie Artist, PEH Academy Instructor, LEMON HOUSE Founder, Creator

This Week's Recommendations:

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