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How To Choose A Crystal For Someone?

2020 has been destined to be a year of the Great Awakening. The year of clear vision, the 20-20 vision. January 26 marked the beginning of a new era - the Age of Aquarius, yet spiritual and conscious awakening evolved over centuries and millennia. The last two decades ushered new terms, words and gurus yet we have much more work to do for the higher global consciousness and the inner (third) eye acuity. More often the transformation happens as a continuum rather than as a result of a single impact.

Crystals have been on Planet Earth for billions of years. They are ancient tools and "technology" used to communicate; heal; store memory; create sound vibration; change frequencies and much more than meets the eye. Did you know that crystals were used to lift heavy objects? There are records suggesting that Pyramids were built with crystal technology. Look at the ancient texts and scriptures or even images and you will see royalty, clergy, elders, healers wearing crystals on their garments, crowns, staffs and jewelry.