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How To Choose A Crystal For Someone?

2020 has been destined to be a year of the Great Awakening. The year of clear vision, the 20-20 vision. January 26 marked the beginning of a new era - the Age of Aquarius, yet spiritual and conscious awakening evolved over centuries and millennia. The last two decades ushered new terms, words and gurus yet we have much more work to do for the higher global consciousness and the inner (third) eye acuity. More often the transformation happens as a continuum rather than as a result of a single impact.

Crystals have been on Planet Earth for billions of years. They are ancient tools and "technology" used to communicate; heal; store memory; create sound vibration; change frequencies and much more than meets the eye. Did you know that crystals were used to lift heavy objects? There are records suggesting that Pyramids were built with crystal technology. Look at the ancient texts and scriptures or even images and you will see royalty, clergy, elders, healers wearing crystals on their garments, crowns, staffs and jewelry.

What is so special about crystals and why they make a perfect gift? There is no complete answer even with a thesis about the numerous and magical properties of crystals. I draw my attention to their healing powers. Crystals hold the memory of creation itself. Their use in healing and as talismans and amulets reveal some of their mystical powers. Each crystal vibrates with its own beautiful and unique frequency. This vibration resonates with our core, with our cells and hence with our life force /prana / chi. Some of us are highly sensitive; empathic; intuitive and we feel even the most subtle vibrations. If you are open enough to sense and feel the vibrations of crystals you don't need anyone to explain to you how they work. You know they work, you feel it and your own experience is all the evidence you need. If you don't feel anything from a crystal, they still work their magic to help you heal, to help you get stronger in body, mind, heart and spirit - they help you raise your vibration, expand and elevate your consciousness. This awakening is self healing. Most physical issues are just symptoms of some unresolved past issue, trauma or stress. In order to heal the body we gotta heal the mind and the emotions. Give a gift of crystal to a child and you will see their appreciation and amusement beyond the physical appearance of a "colourful rock". Children are closer to their spirit and their intuition than adults and that is why they can feel crystals beyond their comprehension.

How do you choose a crystal for someone? The best thing is to listen to your intuition. Check for a sign of a gut feeling to intuit if the person you are thinking of would benefit from a certain crystal - go with that. It could be a spirit whisper that spoke through you on behalf of someone else. Because you heard the message, you gift that person a crystal who might have never have bought one for themselves. There you are - helping awaken one soul to their truth and inner power. If you don't have a nudge of a feeling, go to a crystal shop or scroll through an online store and look at different crystals. Ask the crystal which one would make a difference for their life at the moment. Even if you are drawn to a crystal for it's shape or colour, you will realize that it's not the physical appearance nor the price of a crystal that determines its power or true value. On the other hand if you are looking for a specific crystal vibration you may type in a keyword in LEMON HOUSE search. Descriptions of a crystal containing that keyword will show in search results.

Did you know that all of our crystals are wrapped in beautiful double sided colorful pouches made by artisans in Bali? We can also include your message for a person that you are sending the gift to. Just add the message in Notes at checkout.

Thank you for reading and for choosing LEMON HOUSE.

Always in the HeART ♥️

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