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Happiness - It Looks Good On You

Updated: May 12, 2021

Are you open to hearing an alternative perspective? Consider that your happiness is a function of one word. Integrity. If this didn't ring true right away, here is a brief thesis and some food for thought.

For some people, honouring their word is an after thought. Only when someone confronts them or when they are faced with consequences of breaking their word, do they even consider their integrity. Integrity is the hardest word to uphold. Integrity is a consistent and constant work in progress. When you honour your word once - it does not mean that you will honour it again. The word integrity has its roots in being integral, intact, being and feeling whole and complete. By its meaning, when you break your word - you no longer feel whole and complete. When you no longer feel whole and complete - you don't feel jovial. When you are aware that your values are damaged by your own actions, you likely won't feel content within. The less integrity one has - the more unhappy they are. The more unhappy you are, the more you try to hide yourself and worse, you become quick to confront others and blame an outside source for your inner frustration.

Being happy is a feeling of pleasure, a state of content, of being glad. This is the one thing most people are striving towards. Some think they will be able to buy happiness, others think they will have it or feel it, when they have, do or be something. Not only is their perception skewed while waiting for "the one day" in the future; but their own actions are likely thwarting their joy and state of wholeness.

To be happy - honour your word. Your actions show what matters to you. What are your values, what do you stand for, what is important to you?

  • Is it taking care of your body so that it can take care of you?

  • Is it your actions towards self and others? (When you dishonour self and disrespect another you chip away at your level of happiness.)

  • Is it your work - as your word in the matter: doing what you are expected to do, doing what you said you would do? (The more positive attitude you have towards the work that you do, the more rewarded you will be - not only financially, but in many other ways. You will become a magnet for good.)

  • Is it tending to your well being: mental, emotional, physical, spiritual? (What you let your mind think about - you will feel, what you feel you will attract, what you attract - you will express in action.)

  • Is it being accountable for when you break a promise? (If someone expected you to do something and you didn't follow through, what can you do now to make a difference.)

  • Is it apologizing for when you are wrong? (Restore your word by acknowledging when you make a mistake.)

  • Is it tending to the garden of your thoughts and being mindful? (Your thoughts will be manifested.)

  • Is it managing your feelings? (Do you allow yourself to sulk and be a victim or you look for solutions.)

  • Is it minding your reactions? (Do you let yourself to react however you feel, or do you consider a kinder way to express yourself.)

  • Is it all of the above? (Be honest)

  • Is it something else? (Investigate, inquire and then modify one thing at a time).

Don't undermine your happiness by having no integrity. Uphold your word and stand true to yourself and you will feel the levels of joy expanding in your heart.

Moment by moment you have a choice to be happy for no reason; moment by moment you have a choice to honour your word.

Have a Beautiful Weekend!

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This week's Crystal recommendations:

ROSE QUARTZ Rose Quartz is a beautiful crystal to feel happiness within.

AURA The irridescent & colorful Aura Quartz are wonderful crystals to help you feel joy.

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