Interview with the Healer of Hearts

Today we sit down with Mark Bajerski to ask him a few questions. If you have a request for a blog topic you'd like us to answer in the coming weeks please write to us at with a subject line: Blog.

Mark has worked as a healer for over a decade and a half and has been lovingly referred to as the Healer of Hearts. He went on from healing clients one-to-one to establishing a Pure Energy Healing Academy where he now teaches this wonderful healing technique. At present the Academy has moved from the mountains of Andalucia to online and is making the courses available to the world.

LH: What does it take to be a Pure Energy Healer?

MB: What a brilliant question. When the pupil is ready the teacher appears. Throughout your life there are points where you are guided to a certain place or situation, a thunderbolt moment and a lightning strike that awakens the healer within through a new awareness, a new awakening. At that point you are on a journey of becoming a healer, you can't turn back. It's probably one of the most divine and unique synchronicities of anyone's path and you begin to heal from within to become a healer.

LH: What distinguishes a healer from a great healer?

MB: It's a combination of putting in the hours of practice and also finding the balance in your life to clear the past blocks; negative memories and all the suffering that we hold onto. Once we've cleared all that through the hours, days, weeks, months and years of healing others - then we are blessed with a great gift and that is that we heal ourselves through our healing work. It's a win-win situation. That's what makes a great healer.

LH: What are your favourite healing tools?

MB: That's very simple: crystals, incense and healing oils. And the most powerful tool is my physical body; which has to be kept finely tuned.

LH: How do you finely tune your body?

MB: Being aware of my emotions; being aware of subtle whispers and signs that are given by spirit; eating organic fresh fruit and vegetables; keeping away from: refined sugar, fluoridated water, negative situations; and choosing to focus on helping healing and gifting daily - to those less fortunate and of-course meditation as often as possible.