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Introduction To Crystals - A Personal Story

I was introduced to the world of crystals in a city that never sleeps. I lived in New York while I worked with the living legend of Acting, Susan Batson. My life and community was inside of the acting studio and the theatre district. We shared thoughts, scripts, meals, laughs and tears. We shared the little secrets and tips for living consciously, as we worked on our #Art which required us to explore and expand our EQ -emotional intelligence. We delved into the law of attraction, affirmations and the work of mindfulness. One of the best kept secrets was our spiritual coach and guide - the Gorgeous Goddess of Love and Compassion Wendy Spiller Riese.

I've never met a woman with more love and compassion for others than she has. Wendy created a safe space for me to find and expand my own heart and love. When I worked on an emotional block or trauma, Wendy was my Earth Angel and a guiding star who helped me see the light even in the deepest caves of emotional pain or exploration. She introduced me to wonderful affirmations and the beautiful healing energy of crystals. A heart shaped Rose Quarts was my first crystal, a perfect crystal to heal the heart, open to deep self love and expanding of the heart chakra.

The thing with crystals is that most people start using them before they can attune to their magic vibration or feel anything. And that is a perfect start - opening yourself to the unknown, without expectations or preconceived ideas. I bought the first crystal because I trusted Wendy. I knew she had my best interest at heart and she suggested it as a little helping tool to move through what I was dealing with at the time.

Whenever I was in lower Manhattan I would stop by Namaste Bookstore to get another crystal to work with on a different energy level and vibration. I started looking more into the world of crystals and Mark Bajerki's YouTube Channel became my source to learning about different crystals. Fast forward to today: my crystal collection has expanded and my appreciation for them lead me to curate the beautiful collections offered by LEMON HOUSE.

This is my "Insta" version on "All About Crystals". Crystals have been used over millennia, by Kings and Queens, natural healers and spiritual guides. They are used in science and technology as energy and information carriers. Like everything in nature, they hold energy. This energy vibrates and resonates with subtle frequency. There is much more to everything in life from our DNA to Nature to Crystals and beyond the Cosmos, which our human perception will never be able to fully grasp. We don't need to know the minutia of workings of crystals to receive the benefits. If you accept that they hold energy and that your own energy can be transformed when you work with them - that is all you need to know.

Give a crystal to a child who is more connected to their spirit than most adults and you will witness the magic. I've gifted a crystal to number of children. You would think that they might not give it a second look and treat it as any rock or even toss it aside. Children love crystals. Some of these beautiful children now have a collection of crystals. My best friend's son just asked his mom for tools to start excavating and digging for crystals. This made me laugh with happiness, knowing that a beautiful child will spend more time with the healing energy of crystals rather than with a device connected to wifi, giving off the vibration of toxic electromagnetic waves.

Which crystal to get, now that is the question - Not. Any crystal is a wonderful crystal. When you open yourself to getting one, trust that you will be guided to the right one that is best for your current energy. You can be attracted by the color, texture, shape or feeling of a crystal. The best thing is not to think or scrutinize the crystal for it's physical appearance. Just breathe and feel the gentle guidance and pulse or feel an instant energy pull - for no reason - towards the crystal that wants you. Let go of the mind's thoughts and go with the flow - let the crystal choose you.

Always in the HeART ♥️

Artist, LEMON HOUSE Founder, Pure Energy Healing Academy Instructor


💖Wendy Spiller Riese, Spiritual Coach, Author, Speaker 💖

Crystal Recommendations:

#Shungite - Positive energy & EMF protection

#Rose Quartz - Heart Healing & Self Love

#Moldavite - Spiritual Awakening

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