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January 26, 2020 Confirms the Age of Aquarius & Sacred 13!

Updated: Apr 18, 2020


Some words for “change” don’t quite have the connotation like the word itself. However, the reality is that for anything to become different, alternate thoughts, desires, and actions have to be implemented to get the results. Change in the human experience is always happening. We have gone from the Agricultural economy, to the Industrial economy, to the Educational economy, to the high Tech/devices economy. With all of this, the new generations of young people embrace community and even national change. For instance more and more people don’t support the murder of innocent Earthlings/animals and their imprisonment and screaming and crying as they are being murdered and slaughtered so people can eat their dead bodies. 

Another huge change is millions of people are not wanting to be controlled by governments and religions and even Medical Doctors and Drugs, vaccines and unnecessary surgeries and false diagnostics. For example more and more have woke up to embracing every gender and sexual orientation, allowing us to respect, accept, and celebrate each person just to be themselves. We are no longer boxed in by what is expected or demanded, but instead rise to the occasion when challenged.