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January 26, 2020 Confirms the Age of Aquarius & Sacred 13!

Updated: Apr 18, 2020


Some words for “change” don’t quite have the connotation like the word itself. However, the reality is that for anything to become different, alternate thoughts, desires, and actions have to be implemented to get the results. Change in the human experience is always happening. We have gone from the Agricultural economy, to the Industrial economy, to the Educational economy, to the high Tech/devices economy. With all of this, the new generations of young people embrace community and even national change. For instance more and more people don’t support the murder of innocent Earthlings/animals and their imprisonment and screaming and crying as they are being murdered and slaughtered so people can eat their dead bodies. 

Another huge change is millions of people are not wanting to be controlled by governments and religions and even Medical Doctors and Drugs, vaccines and unnecessary surgeries and false diagnostics. For example more and more have woke up to embracing every gender and sexual orientation, allowing us to respect, accept, and celebrate each person just to be themselves. We are no longer boxed in by what is expected or demanded, but instead rise to the occasion when challenged. 

The same is true with the Plants that all symbolize the number 13, they are: Cannabis, Magic Mushrooms, Hops and Cacao these are all part of the same botanical family of Emotional Health and Healing and Happiness and Creativity. For example as more and more federal governments legalize marijuana for recreational use and even as natures healing medicine, a more Relaxed, Healthy and Happy climate amongst the people will prevail. While I will admit I am still afraid sometimes of whats occurring in the world. But, I am also grateful for the awakening of more and more people to Life, Liberty and Happiness. All of these Plants floated here on solar winds and fell into our atmosphere and they came from Planet 13 according to Ancient records. Planet means, “Wandering Rock", Plant means “Wandering Seeds”.

Planets line up on the same side of the Sun every 13 Ages or 26,000 years. Most of you know that happened in 2012. We are now going into the #AgeofAquarius (an Air Sign) and according to Ancient writings, the Age of Aquarius (13 letters) is officially entered into, on the 26th of January 2020. These numbers all add up to 13: 1+2+6+2+0+2+0=13. The number 13 was called, "The Most Precious Sacred Number" on this Earth and throughout the Cosmos. In this Age of the Air Sign, 'Humanity will flip into Greater Enlightenment, a Breath of Fresh Air’ for instance the ancient knowledge of our Sun having 13 Planets and their names will return: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Ceres, MakeMake, Haumea, and Eris (the 13th Planet). 

People will awaken to the 13 doorways (enterology) of the human body: 2-Eyes, 2-Ears, 2-Nostrils, 1-Mouth, 2 -Nipples, 1-pee door, 1-poop door, 1-the Skin, 1-Brain (our Thoughts create Emotions, Emotions create Behaviors, Behaviors create Results). The Ancients weren’t Primitive and Stupid they were Scholastic Geniuses (those who Observe out of Interest). They Found the brilliance of the 13 Astrological Birth Signs, 13 Birthstones, 13 Flower signs, and 13 animal symbolisms this is total Scholastic Genius, they all are spot on Air, Fire (Sun) Earth, Water = A. F. E. W. =

A few there be that find it. Find what? The 4 Birth Signs and their meaning. Embrace these things and Lift your Mind, Emotions, Physical Health and better Social Relationships.

Most Religions and Academics (which means those who study Trivia and obsolete educational curriculums) these are people who think that all the Ancient Wisdom of 13’s is Parascience (Unprovable by Scientific Theories). But even Religious Bibles have the number 13 in them but it was done away and changed to the 12+1 that most don’t see. Jesus-1 and his 12 Apostles=13. Moses-1 and the 12 Tribes=13. The 12-Sons of Jacob-1=13 etc. Even Court rooms have a Judge-1 and a 12-Man Jury=13 this can go on and on, but lets get to the Age of Aquarius and Eris the 13th Planet.

Have you heard the 1969 song, “Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In” by the Fifth Dimension? If you’ve ever taken a Kundalini yoga class, you’ve probably heard of the “Age of Aquarius.” So what exactly is the Age of Aquarius? It’s many things, but basically Planet Earth has entered a new vernal equinox and constellation called, Aquarius. I’m sure you can search the internet and read more about astrology and humanity and the Age of Aquarius. It’s about how humanity will experience the energy that rules that constellation. 

Many astrologers have different perspectives based on when we exactly enter this new age, but certainly the 2012 Planet line up is the start of the entrance of the Age of Aquarius but January 26, 2020 will confirm it. Right now, we are noticing a shift on the planet in terms of consciousness, morals, values and awakening. Some will agree we are still experiencing a blend of the Age of Pisces and the Age of Aquarius. Age of Pisces, ruled by the fish, is a symbol of religion. Christianity and religion (which created Governments) ruled humanity during this era. If you’ve ever been to Europe you can see all the destruction and corruption that religion has caused. Religion even created the murder of Hundreds of Thousands one of them it is called, The Spanish Inquisition.

The representation of Aquarius, the water bearer, shows a (wo)man pouring water from a pot into a body of water. The water is indeed water but if you look closely the waves also represents brain waves, the Brain is 93% water. Aquarius is a highly intellectual and open-minded sign. It’s been recorded that the Age of Aquarius is the, “Dumping of Water to move the fish (Pisces) down the River, of the Past". With awakened Enlightened intellectual pursuits, Aquarius is the, "washing away the old mentality" and is the “Dawn of the new Awakening.” Even Water Fasting and liquid Juice Fasting has returned and many are doing it to Clarify their Body, Mind and Emotions to Brighten there Day.

What is Aquarius? Aquarius is a fixed Air sign. Every sign has positive and negative traits. Like yin-yang, the world cannot exist without both. Aquarius rules scientific / mental pursuits, metaphysical beliefs, philanthropic interests, humanity, truth, idealism, rebellion, logic, equality and inventions. Some negatives include extremism, militant revolution, anger, rebellion, stubbornness, inflexibility and radicalism. Aquarius pushes humanity for people to live in a better society, and its no surprise the New Age has started off dodgy. Since Aquarius rules the betterment of society, often people neglect themselves and have stubborn mindsets that hinders and doesn’t help humanity. When looking at the energy shift between Pisces and Aquarius, its no surprise that extremism in the Middle East has led to rebellion or radical acts based off religion or what is “right and wrong.”  Humanity is still pushing forward to protect women's rights and to diminish the false reality of the feminine energy. A big part of this Age will be to re-create equality amongst men and women.  

Since Aquarius is a mental sign, over-thinking or not thinking at all is what hinders the world – because it is extreme, fixed and not a balanced rational. It’s no surprise why mental health and depression/ suicide rates have increased. We are becoming highly mental creatures and when we cannot connect to the values of society, we lose our minds. We are at the beginning of this age and there is a long way for some to evolve their minds.

Rebellion has peaked in this Age from protesting Monsanto, Vaccines, and Government forced vaccines taking the Rights of the people away, etc. In a more positive light, the past is making a comeback. Natural and ancient methods of Foods and Plants as medicine are gaining popularity and research is showing how yoga, meditation and healing practices benefit one’s health. People care more about animals now and try alternative methods of eating due to ethical harm against animals. Research is now proving that metaphysics (once shunned during the Age of Pisces) is “real.” From telepathy to quantum physics, people are better accepting concepts such as astral traveling, shamanism and intuition.

Aquarius rules technology and individuality. It’s no surprise that Steve Jobs (a creative Pisces) not only revolutionized the world with technology but labelled it with the “i” branding, which boasts the Aquarian desire for “individuality". Have you ever heard of New Age music? In terms of music and culture, digital music such as electronic and techno-based rhythms (ruled by Aquarius) is also gaining popularity especially in the electronic music dance scene.  Technology, inventions, drones and robots are all inspired by this new age of critical thinking. Do these inventions do more harm than good? Absolutely if the person is not in control with the betterment of him or herself and the world. 

Aquarius is based on hopes and wishes. The goal of this Age is to look deeper at humanity, find its truth and create the ideal world that humans want to live in. It sounds ideal, but the more people awake and seek the truth we can use the path to discover new truths. More and more Self Sustaining Villages are forming. The biggest lesson in this new age is to improve one self to better the world. We need to learn how to balance logic with idealism. The ideal aspect of the Age of Aquarius is a true Utopia. The negative aspect of this Age is ugly, messy and destructive. We as souls on this planet have a roll to play and we must live with awareness to make better choices for the world and ourselves. So everything we are experiencing and noticing are based on the positive and negative qualities of Aquarius. The one thing the Age of Aquarius can learn is the balanced thought processes from its sister air-sign, Libra. The more balanced Aquarius gets, the more magical life will become.

Thanks for reading this, CowBoy Don🤠

Don Tolman, The Real Food Medicine Man

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