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Liberate Yourself

How are you? How are you dealing with what's going on in the world? Are you learning a lot? Are you expanding your views and horizons? Are you elevating your consciousness? Are you raising your vibration? Even if you answered yes to only one of those things, it's great. Change doesn't happen over night. It is a series of consistent actions - a set of steps you keep repeating. Therefore if you want your world to look different, you got to DO different.

Many people have been challenged by multitude of things over the last year and a half, and it's likely that the things will keep changing as the humanity reinvents itself. There is no more "business as usual" in the way of doing things. It's as if survival of the fittest theory has been put to test. Now more than ever people have to discern who they are and what they are made of. What choice will you make and why? There is a lot of disagreement about whether the means justify the end. Whatever your sides are - do not kill the messenger and do not fight the opposition, because what you resist persists. Do not waste your energy where it's not wanted.

It is time to look inward and out, as deep and as far as you can reach. It's time to fly with your own flock and sing the Liberty Song. Find the freedom within your heart knowing that you are doing what is right for you. It is time to stand your ground, protect your truth, be individual while holding hands with those who've embarked on the same train and thought as you. The founding fathers spoke of the values on which the United States was founded on, united we stand divided we fall.

This was a prelude to the message of this week's article: Reinvent and Free Yourself. You might be scared of what the future holds, however if you honour yourself all the way, you will be more than ok. There is no greater enemy than the fear itself. It is one of those things that stops people's dreams, that causes pain and suffering, that debilitates the body, mind, heart and soul. Whatever you do out of love and possibility, will guide you to the next stop where you will make another decision. Whenever you act out of fear, your vibration and energy of the mind sends out a powerful signal to attract exactly that which you don't want.

Put your focus on the goal, vision and the dream and start moving in that direction. Even if you crawl, it's better than standing still. But, the "million dollar" question hangs? How do you reinvent yourself when you might have all the right reasons as perfect excuse for why you couldn't, shouldn't, won't be able to... after all it's 2021, the year of great teachings.

Simple is King. Simple thoughts, simple actions, simple foods.

Don't overwhelm yourself with the pressure of having to figure out everything all at once i.e. How to get out of a situation you are in and predict all of the actions you should take over the next year or ten. Take decisive actions and do them as efficiently as possible. Then move onto the next one. Time is of essence, yet you don't have to make all your moves in one day. Keep focused and stay flexible. If one door shuts, find another one or use a window. Simplify your life like the foods you eat: find the pleasure, joy and gratitude with enjoying a fresh cucumber - all by itself. Look at it, smell it, feel the texture, notice the energy vibration release itself as the nutrients and minerals transfer to your body and taste it with all of your senses. This is Life! One simple moment enjoyed at a time. Being present.

You are greater than the clothes you wear, you are greater than the place you live in, you are greater than any of your accomplishments or circumstances. You are neither your things nor your doings. You are a human being. Be yourself.

It's ok to change a career because you no longer align with the industry you work for. It's ok to let go of things that defined you. You are not a definition - those are things of the ego and he has to go. Let go of ideas or ideals that are based on the old paradigm. If the world is changing and you want to change - you got to change your vision of yourself and your life. You no longer have to prove anything to anyone.


Liberate the soul

create your destiny

Expand your heart energy

in the vastness of space

Experience synergy

Unite with Creation

flow with your soul


be you

dutiful only to your

beautiful self

Thank you very much for all the Love & Messages over the last week. My birthday is every day yet May 19, was an extraordinary day. I felt love wherever I turned. I'm grateful for all the magic that you weaved to make the special day extra special. All my love, Lella

Always in the HeART ♥️


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