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New You In 30 Days

Updated: Aug 7, 2022

If you are ready for a radical change in life, if you are wanting a complete transformation in any area of your life and you are willing to do the work then this article is for you. The first two seasons of the year seem to have brought surprise of events and experiences that required thorough adjustments in the life of many. It's the middle of Summer and a perfect time to create new opportunities for growth and reinvention. You can pivot your circumstances in the next 30 days and prepare for a new life before the next season when the days are shorter, dimmer and colder. Embrace your dreams, passions, career change, relationships or health by doing something new. You know what to do. You might've been avoiding it or felt overwhelmed. Take one thing at a time to transform. When you see the results, take on another area of your life.

In order to experience different results in life - you have to Be and Do differently. The best way to achieve significant change and create momentum is to break up the stagnant ways of being and patterns of behaviours that are not creating what you seek.

Here are some ideas for you to follow. When you commit a hundred percent for the next 30 days you will feel a new beginning opening for you and you will flow into magical manifestations.


You cannot create great things from a place of suffering, pain or any other low vibration. You have to remember to Live Life and there is no better way to experience life than living each moment with happiness in your heart.

Summer brings excitement and joy with her energy. She is a great teacher. She reconnects us to our inner child and shows us how to play again. Happy place in your heart is a perfect condition for great new opportunities to recharge mid year with beautiful positive energy of her Sunlight. We have another month of her beauty, sunshine, long days and warmth. Take this time to go out, explore, meet new people and live life in the moment and love life. Let her energy inspire you to take action as you flow with new ideas. Spending time in nature, doing fun activities, day trips, hikes and being active will not only get your body moving but it will break up your thinking patterns and stimulate your creative new thoughts.


Inspiration and motivation are a trigger, however they are not enough. To experience a meaningful change in any area of life, you have to follow with action. Commit as if your life depends on it (and for some of you it does). For the next 30 days if you practice new rituals daily, you will experience and witness remarkable change in your circumstances. If this schedule example is not workable for you - adapt it to your lifestyle and your needs. If you have a job with set hours, make time for yourself and your passions.

  • Begin your day extra early. For me that's between 4-5AM. Once you begin waking at a certain time for a few days in a row - your body will adjust and you will start waking up without an alarm.

  • Embrace your morning rituals. Have a set of actions you do first thing upon rising that will set you up for a productive and inspired day. Wake up and then get up immediately (don't roll over and find another nice spot for a little snooze); clean up and dress up (wear your nice clothes); drink water to hydrate; do a little movement (like a prep or stretch before a workout i.e. moving limbs by rotating arms, wrists, chest, hips, knees and ankles); mediate (at least 15min); write a page in your journal

  • Do your best work for the first two hours of the day (stay focused - only do what you committed to do, nothing else matters at this hour)

  • Exercise (20-45min) - even brisk walking counts as an exercise

  • Breakfast - commit to healthy eating for 30 days (if you need healthy breakfast suggestions let us know in the comments below. Opt for fresh fruits and vegetables)

  • Focused work for two hours (nothing else matters)

  • Walk (again) for at lest 20min-1hr

  • Lunch (fresh salad, raw vegetables, fruits, water)

  • Focused work for two hours (no distractions)

  • Walk (again) for at least 20min-1hr

  • Dinner - If you're having dinner, eat by 7PM (eat light, raw fresh vegetables or fruit)

  • Enjoy your evening doing a pleasant activity, review your next day, review your vision and plans

  • Sleep - try to be asleep at the same time each night to regulate your circadian rhythm. - it's best to follow the pattern of the Sun. Sleep at night and rise early.. At least be fast asleep between the hours of 1-4AM. This is the most important time of night when the melatonin levels are highest. Sleep in a dark room (no lights from devices or street lights)


To experience a meaningful change in life adding new things to our day also requires eliminating some things that are not serving us. Have a list of non-negotiables. Things that you will do no matter what and things that you will no longer do. If it's avoiding certain foods, there will be no excuse like "oh just one (fill in the blank)" or "tomorrow"; if you are adding a new healthy habit it will be something you will look forward to rather than avoid doing it. Here are a few ideas to embrace for the next 30 days:

  • NO: social media; sugar; coffee; bread; alcohol; negative situations or people; ______ (fill in the blank)

  • YES hydrate: drink 2L of water (drink a glass every hour or so); exercise at least 40min/day (it can be 2x20min, even if it's brisk walking); get up early (set alarm and place it across the room, jump out of bed with joy open for new opportunities and the magic of a new day); work on your passions

When you embrace this challenge for 30 days, you will be mastering your skills, creating your life and generating new beginnings. Opportunities will present themselves to you, you will draw people and situations aligned with your desires into your life. Don't push or force for an outcome. Trust!

Good luck on your new path. Let me know if you get through your desired 30 days challenge. I'd love to hear what showed up for you and what made a difference. You can do it! I believe in you.

Love & Gratitude,

Always in the HeART ♥️

Lella Satie Artist, PEH Academy Instructor, LEMON HOUSE Founder, Creator

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