Parenting & Reparenting Your (Inner) Child - The Big "E"(go) vs. Infinite Love

Before I begin let me disclose my credentials on topic at hand, since we live in a world where history (his story) is quoted along with "experts" and their numbers proving one's own be(lie)fs and other experts being dismissed in orchestrations of deliberate defamation of character. I have a few diplomas; a double degree from the world's top one percentile university, yet I value more, my amassing of knowledge over a decade on all things outside of the mainstream curriculum. Therefore I'm not an "expert", I am a student of Life and Mother Nature and will be as long as I live; my soul is an artist and to some I am a coach/mentor/advisor.

That was a long intro to a short article on our relationships with self and others. You don't need a degree in psychology nor do you need to be a parent to know certain communication skills and personality traits that are destructive to a child or a (wo)man. You've been a child and if you have an open mind, a loving heart and a connection to your soul - you will find the language of them all. My nana spoke this language. She had no children yet she was the best nana in the world and she was the best psychologist without a degree. She understood humanity at its core and this I summarize in one word: Love. She knew how to speak to and calm an angry adult just as she knew how to soothe a child in distress. There is no difference. We are all big children in distress when we act out of anger and ego. I always side on the side of a little child because children have no ego.

We've all witnessed the joy and tender care of a parent with their newborn child. Yet has anyone questioned: What happens to this love and TLC as the children grow bigger? In a span of few short years it all but disappears (for some). Nature alone is not enough to thrive and live a healthy, happy life. Nurture makes all the difference. If you are a parent every time you get angry or upset with your child (or another sentient being) - no matter how old they are - get back to that moment when time stood still and all there was - pure infinite love. Let this baseline be your compass to finding new ideas and crea(tiv)e solutions to deal with your child's needs and at the same time your child will mirror your energy. And remember: the single unanswerable question we keep on asking throughout our life, through deeds and words is: do you love me? This question has infinite expressions and disguise as: am I good enough, can I do this, the need for acknowledgment, appreciation and praise etc.

And what about your little child within. Do you remember her/him? Can you distinguish between the Go(o)d in you vs. Ego? Do you tend to that inner child and nurture him and give her what she needs. Do you love you? Do you love yourself in all the ways you live your life? Do you nourish your body instead of feed it. Do you soothe your emotions? Do you feed on the tree of knowledge - the tree of life? If all the answers to above are love based, then congratulations! You've graduated to loving another (as you love yourself). You are a human being ready for 5D (not 5G).