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Pure Energy Healing Crystals

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

#Crystals are natural #gifts of healing #energy. They amplify energy and emit waves of vibration of healing, cleansing and balance. Crystals have been used for millennia as #healing and shamanic tools to bring peace, harmony, healing and happiness. There is nothing quite like the vibration of crystals.

Crystals help us heighten our unique gifts and intuitive awareness. They are living entities and as such they can change over time and also store memory. This memory can then be retrieved when we learn how to work with and use Crystals.

A Pure Energy Healing Crystal is a Crystal that has been worked with in energetic way and through the Art of #PureEnergyHealing for numerous hours and sometimes months. Each Pure Energy Healing Crystal in Divine Collection for LEMON HOUSE is hand picked by Mark Bajerski and is placed in a Pure Energy Healing room where it gets energized and activated by channeling the Pure Energy Healing. Depending on the healing energy that was channeled and worked through this Crystal, it will become the healing property and memory of this crystal which you will retrieve when you need its healing. Simply holding or wearing a crystal it will transmit and transfer it's beautiful healing energy onto you and you will receive this power from the source through the crystal. The vibration of the crystal will now be in and around your life force, your energy points, activating your power and allowing for self healing.

What is the right crystal for you? When you browse through the collection and you feel a connection with a crystal you will know it is the right crystal for you. It is not in the physical look that you will find the beauty of a crystal even though they are all beautiful - it is the inner beauty, the vibration of that crystal that is beautiful. Don't try to think or engage your mind when choosing the right crystal, instead be open, trust and let the crystal choose you.

Mark Bajerski, Founder of Pure Energy Healing Academy


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