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Sacred Collection

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

Sacred Collection is our product line of beautiful healing and spiritual products to help you heal yourself, raise your vibration and connect to your higher self. In the previous blog "Self Healing & Spirituality" we talk about holistic healing, and in order to heal yourself physically - you need to tend to all parts of your well being. Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual wellness are the gateway to your essence - your true self and Conscious Living.

Sacred Collection now includes our favourite three spiritual and healing products. We use them, we gift them, we work with them and we travel with them. We are honoured to offer these beautiful healing, spiritual and shamanic tools to our clients and the world. It took us several decades to gather the experience and wisdom to create them, and two years to produce them. As you read the individual descriptions below and eventually use them yourself you will understand why we have such an appreciation for them.