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Self Healing & Spirituality

Updated: May 23, 2020

What is #spirituality really, who is #spiritual and who isn't, and how to heal oneself? The word spirit means to breathe. Hence, as long as you have a breath - you are spiritual, and when you take your final breath in this body and time space continuum - you continue to be a spirit in a different form and a different dimension.

How do you feel and connect to your spirit more and how do you be more spiritual? Spiritual refers to certain practices and teachings: from meditation to yoga to shamanic rituals etc. Spirituality is a term also used in the realm of morality: good/bad, right/wrong. Spiritual is the one who honours self and others, respects life and does no harm to another. This is not a new postualate, it has been transferred by #consciousness teachers including my mentor of ancient practices #DonTolman. You don't have to sit under a tree for years like Buddha or meditate for hours in a day to feel your spirit, to be more spiritual. Yet if you want to experience a higher consciousness; elevated sense of self and a heightened awareness of spirit(uality) then you can learn certain practices that will elevate your ability to stay connected to your highest self and allow you to have a greater vision. Heightened awareness of self and higher vibration in your heart (feeling gratitude and infinite love) connects you to the environment, Mother Nature and other sentient beings - you become more empathic and more intuitive.