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Self Healing & Spirituality

Updated: May 23, 2020

What is #spirituality really, who is #spiritual and who isn't, and how to heal oneself? The word spirit means to breathe. Hence, as long as you have a breath - you are spiritual, and when you take your final breath in this body and time space continuum - you continue to be a spirit in a different form and a different dimension.

How do you feel and connect to your spirit more and how do you be more spiritual? Spiritual refers to certain practices and teachings: from meditation to yoga to shamanic rituals etc. Spirituality is a term also used in the realm of morality: good/bad, right/wrong. Spiritual is the one who honours self and others, respects life and does no harm to another. This is not a new postualate, it has been transferred by #consciousness teachers including my mentor of ancient practices #DonTolman. You don't have to sit under a tree for years like Buddha or meditate for hours in a day to feel your spirit, to be more spiritual. Yet if you want to experience a higher consciousness; elevated sense of self and a heightened awareness of spirit(uality) then you can learn certain practices that will elevate your ability to stay connected to your highest self and allow you to have a greater vision. Heightened awareness of self and higher vibration in your heart (feeling gratitude and infinite love) connects you to the environment, Mother Nature and other sentient beings - you become more empathic and more intuitive.

Self Healing and spiritual awakening happens simultaneously. When you tend to all aspects of your being: when you heal your physical body; transform your mindset; grow stronger emotionally - you connect to your higher self and gain more clarity of your life and your spirituality.

As you learn new things and transform the areas of yourself that you no longer want to embody, your ego also grows and learns new tricks. Beware of your own ego. If you think you know it all - your glass is full and you cannot learn nor receive new information. If you listen to your own thoughts and your agenda while at the same time having a "conversation" with another - you cannot hear anything and you cannot accept or learn anything new.

You are either expanding or contracting. You've heard the expression "If you don't use it, you lose it." You will either continue to grow and learn or stagnate and just survive. Thriving and living life, experiencing joy and your full potential requires continuous work on self. The way you treat your physical body can say a lot about your inner state of being; and the way you tend to your mind garden can be seen in the physical. You can refer to studies on thought patterns and physical ailments. Stress and trauma is known to cause energetic blocks in your physical body which over time manifest as symptoms. To heal yourself you can either be a patient and subject yourself to the practice of "professionals" or become your own physician (heal with things of nature) and heal thyself holistically -inside out.

Balance of physical, spiritual, emotional and mental wellness allow you to experience Conscious Living. To have a greater view, to be the best version of yourself and see with #20-20 vision; to sense and feel the invisible, it is necessary to tend to all aspects of self. Your job is not to transform one area of your life at the expense of another. You have to find balance and incorporate practices for the overall well being. Here are some practices of Self Healing & Transformation that have worked for me:

1. Personal Transformation - Mindset

  • Invest in personal transformation. Read books, take courses, find a coach to break through the stale thinking patterns that no longer work for you. Rewire your brain with new mindset that serves your higher purpose and your goals. The highest achievers and successful people continue to invest in themselves and have coaches to take them to the next level.

2. Physical Transformation

  • Giving your 'body temple' the offering of healthy foods, doing regular detox and cleansing the 'house' as a prerequisite for health and longevity. Clean water, air, sunshine and daily exercise heals and strengthens the physical body. Knowing this, doesn't make a difference; your consistent and constant actions do.

3. Emotional Wellness - Heartset

  • Heal the heart from emotional pain, and traumas from the past. Strengthening the mind and having a strong, positive mental outlook brings balance and healing to the heart and vice versa. Your thoughts trigger your emotions, and your emotions trigger your behaviour which in turn trigger your thoughts and so on. Breaking a negative loop of this cycle strengthens your whole self- and your spirit. Heart healing exercises are those things that bring joy to your heart: nature, arts, pursuing your passions, talking to a friend, doing a kind deed for someone else...

4. Spiritual Self

  • When you open to a possibility that there is more to life than the three dimensional space and basic needs and when you are ready - the teacher will appear. You can start doing simple practices like morning meditations, spending more time in nature, start using Healing Crystals, Natural Incense and Essential Oils, find a mentor that you trust, do a course in energy healing like Pure Energy Healing. Once you tap into your higher self you will notice glimpses of magical, spiritual moments of enlightenment. You will see and feel things that you cannot describe in words. You will understand and know things about yourself that you haven't seen before as you discover your Truth.

Make sure you have the wisdom to balance all aspects of self. You are a spirit having a physical experience and as such do not forget your responsibilities in the material physical world as you expand your spiritual self. Balance every aspect of your being and you will experience more harmony in your body, mind, heart and soul.

Always in the HeART♥️,

With Love & Gratitude,

Lella Satie

Artist, Entrepreneur, LEMON HOUSE Founder, Pure Energy Healing Academy Instructor


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