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Stressed, Depressed Or Blessed?

It's not a surprise that "Mental Health" is the new buzz term and a trending topic on corporate video calls. "Things" have gone mainstream. It's not as much that we have become more comfortable to talk about issues that were uncomfortable or shameful to talk about before, but people are being affected by what's happening in the world and the effects are evident in every sphere of life. Even if you are living off the grid, what's happening on Earth is vibrating in the ether and resonating the worlds over.

Those with high emotional IQ are more empathic, sensitive, intuitive and feel everything more viscerally. Even those void of emotions, living mainly in their head and choosing to see only the three-dimensional world-view are being affected, as their business is not "as usual" and they have to deal with all the new challenges and face the inevitable. What can we do about it? We can make a difference by the choices we make. Talk about mindfulness, universal laws and conscious creation. It's all a perspective and an experience.

If we are to take one thing as inevitable that we all have a finite time on this planet in this body - then why not make the best of it. The grass is always greener (on the other side). We are all watching each other's "gardens" through the black screens. Yet those representations are often far from reality and you don't know what someone else is dealing with and what price they really had to pay for their new "it" item.

Everyone wants an instant fix and give me/tell me now so let's address the statement question of this blog title. I've thought about how to give you a laser point, how to distill the message in as few words and still make an impact. What began as a bullet point message has become a tiny exercise. If this blog makes a difference for one person today, I'm grateful. Today's message follows:

Emotions are energy in motion. When you feel sad, fearful, stressed, worried or anxious you are experiencing low vibrational energy which is dense & heavy. The longer you stay in it the more energy it gets. Moment to moment you have a choice to move through that wave of energy and transition to a lighter one, and keep going until you reach the momentum with more content feelings and eventually happiness. Our thoughts give us information which make us experience a feeling and than that feeling further confirms the energy of our thoughts and the cycle goes on as long as it's uninterrupted.

Most people hope for and pray for an outside influence to stop the cycle: "when this - than that". When this situation changes I will then feel better; or when someone does something I will feel better. We are all in the unprecedented time and everyone is turning to their immediate situation(s). The strongest at heart are most sensitive. Some of us have gone through this exercise many times and have learned that until We change this perpetual cycle of energy in motion we will feel worse. Stress and fear turns to sadness which over time turns to depression.

How long do you want to feel bad? You might think this is a cruel question but if you see it for what it is - it might even empower you. If you feel you have a choice in the matter - you will feel empowered. Even if the circumstances on the outside point to the opposite. How You Feel - is an Inside Job and only you can have full dominion of it. And that's the holy grail, the saving grace and your inner light; no matter how dim it might be. Your job is to continue to keep fanning the flame so that it gets bigger and brighter.

Let's take an extreme example. Let's say that a person has lost everything material, they've lost their loved ones and their health is in decline. How can this person feel better and hopeful let alone happy. Same point is valid for all low vibration emotions. What you wanted yesterday and what you still might desire - if it makes you feel sad, stressed or depressed - you are attached to a view of how your life should look like and perhaps your worth. Stop identifying as the things and relationships you've had. You are more and greater than any thing, any experience and any relationship you've had.


  • Take a breath, inhale, then exhale everything that's making you stressed. Do it again. Again. Take another breath and as you exhale, let go of all that's making you feel fear, stress, sadness or worry. Let it go. It's not important; Only you - and right now! That's all that matters.

  • Breathe. Take another breath and inhale love, light and joy into your heart. Do it again; and again. Inhale. Exhale. Breathe. Let go and let Go(o)d. Keep repeating the breathing exercise and letting go of all that is making you feel sad, stressed and depressed.

  • Breathe in gratitude: Thank you for the breath! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

You are a beautiful soul with many gifts that can make a difference in the world. You have this body and you have your breath. You are alive! Be grateful for your breath. Breathe and feel Blessed that you have all that you need within your Soul. Spirit - means Breath, to Breathe!. So Breathe, Live your life and let go of that which you cannot change. Adapt and change the things you can. Moment to moment if you keep connected to your breath and keep expanding the gratitude in your heart - you will have an inSPIRaTion that will move your life situation to another place. You will engage your creativity to find a new life and make the best of it. That's all that counts when you go back to the spirit world. Until then, you still got a lot of work to do, because the world needs Your unique gift.

Next time you are about to affirm the statement "I'm stressed" or worse "I'm depressed" stop and say "I'm Blessed." Even if you struggle to be grateful for the breath alone. This is how I've gotten through the deepest emotions of low vibration. With the currents and tides of 2020 and multiple things that we are all affected by: radiation from activation of the big new antennas (the one's on the ground and the one's above); the alteration of the ether via "weather management system" for the "good of mankind due to global warming" to feeling personal and global "vibration" (remember when the butterfly flaps it's wings) - this is my new mantra: I know what's going on and I raise my vibration. This way whatever is happening even things I don't agree with, I can be ok with because I do not let the influence of the outside affect my inside. I am blessed, I am grateful, Thank You, I Love You! These are the magic words that raise your vibration instantly!

You are Blessed! You are Loved! You are a Beautiful Soul with a unique gift, that makes a difference in the world. B-R-E-A-T-H-E!

You can read through more blogs about my experience on self healing and well being.

Always in the HeART ♥️

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Even though we have a disclaimer on the website; this is my own disclaimer since some things are only meant to be discussed by "experts". I am not a doctor nor a politician therefore I'm not qualified to offer advice - neither do I want to. I only speak from my experience, my wisdom and research of health, well being, psychology, ontology and spirituality among other things... This writing and all blogs are for entertainment and information purposes only.


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