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The Awakening

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

How to deal with the unpredictable future? How to deal with fears and worry? How to deal with the uncertainty? Take a deep breath, hold, release, breathe and awaken to your inner self.

Being able to control your own thoughts allows you to alter your feelings and influence your actions/behaviours. Wether or not you care about the awakening to your own spirit(uality), we are all forced to go within and find the inner power and strength to get through this changing times.

There aren't many things we can control but our own actions, feelings and thoughts. This might not seem enough as we want things to be certain, as we want to plan and be able to foresee the future. All of the above we desire because of our need to feel safe. There is no growth without some level of discomfort and sometimes pain. Only through that process of being uncomfortable do we change and live through transformation.

If we accept the discomfort and summon the will power to move through fear -we witness the awakening. Pain and suffering, love and pain, light and darkness, all things in their dichotomy are part of one and the same. Depending on what you choose to focus on. We can see what is happening in the world as the worst tragedy to humanity or the greatest opportunity. However, there is a caveat: knowing this will not make a difference. What we choose to ACT upon is what matters. Transformation either becomes the most beautiful thing that we awoke to or the biggest disaster if we choose to stay compliant; unwilling to change; or our actions are out of fear or ego/selfishness. If you're sat thinking someone else out there will do it; look at all these Light Warriors, Truth Seekers, "Conspiracy Theorists" doing things, it will all be fine... Or even if you believe in the system and that politicians, doctors and police who will save the day. Well ladies and gentlemen, no one is coming. That "someone else" is You and I - right now! We are the chosen ones, we have chosen to be born in this time and space continuum. No one is coming to save us. WE are the saviour and the saving grace. What we do now is what will set the future. This NOW is the measuring stick of you and your humanity, your dignity, your values and valor!

This time of the #Awakening has been written about throughout history and across cultures, from Far East to Native American Tribes. And how we choose to act now is how we will create and witness our own future.

It's time to change the logic and get rid of bogus beliefs. If we ask ourselves: how could the people during WWII or other global crisis do what they did - they did what they did because of what they believed in or they did what they did because they were told to do it and they obeyed. The future man and woman, your (future) child and grandchild will ask what the heck were You doing in 2020 when things were in your face and you could have made a difference. What will you say? And if you believe in infinite love and that your spirit didn't just manifest out of nothing, it changed form as it birthed itself into a human body - when you go back into the light where you came from, you might ask yourself: what did I learn, what did I do, could have I done more.

THIS IS THE TIME OF THE AWAKENING. And you will be judged by your character, by your actions and inactions, by your intellect or misuse of it, by your beliefs and your compliance to do as told, without exercising your truth. Perhaps it's time to question every single thing you know, every single thing you've been told and every single thing that comes from the conditioning of the past. To Awaken and #Transform - comes from a radically different place - it is NOTHING like the past nor like your actions that got you to where you are now.

Awakening through your essence, your soul, your being, comes from purity of your soul - the space and energy you inherently came with into this world. And then, what happened? You were trained and conditioned to forget that inner self, to get into the mind and study and repeat things that are acceptable, things that gave you credits and scores, jobs and pay checks. Well Darling, now that you are devoid from all of it everything is irrelevant but your freedom. Your freedom to do what you believe in, your freedom of speech, your freedom of choice.

What are some of the ways of the awakening? Connecting to truth in which you can ground yourself in: your own truth. You might need someone else's guidance to get you there - your mentor. Daily action and activity is tantamount to your well being. You need to engage all your faculties. You need a strong immune system: strong and healthy body and mind. You need a powerful heart - a loving heart powered by gratitude.

Every transformation feels uncomfortable. From a caterpillar to a butterfly; from tearing up muscle tissue in exercise to having a strong fit body. Even when the immune system is compromised and a person gets sick, in the process of healing they feel worse before they get better. We are now going through a global trauma. There are already many implications on people's well being not only physical health but mental, financial, social, emotional. There are larger consequences of businesses being shut down, the crops being left to rot in the fields and a chain of other reactions.

It's time of the awakening and seeing 20-20. Having a perfect vision of a big game being played out as we all participate in it. It is time to see clearly and beyond the selfishness of individual needs. It is time of: All for one and one for all!


Dear Voltaire - friend of Truth and the Muses

Not much has changed since you have gone. You would think that life and affairs of humanity, not only from 1700's to today but from the beginning of time to this “new” Age would be much different at least in form if not in structure.

I am not sure which is a more accurate statement: that your writings have been prophetic or that the more things change the more they stay the same.

Things that you fought for: freedom of speech and liberty, are still being fought for. Religion is still the root of war and the fools still revere their chains.

I trust you are enjoying your new adventures and that you wrote much about spirit and spirituality.

Let’s meet by that beautiful tree, up on the hill. Sometime in my dream.

Yours truly,

Lella Satie

Always in the HeART ♥️

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