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The Battle Between Light & Dark

Updated: May 23, 2020

The energy of light is the energy of positive vibration and the #Power of unconditional #Love. The energy of darkness expands with fear. Why does the darkness interfere with the light? Why does it desire light, even though it seems to hate it. The most negative, unkind people and those you can consider dark and evil still want to experience the light. There is nothing as powerful and liberating as the feeling of Love. Think of the unconditional love for your children, the new romantic love and the bliss of making love to your partner. The energy of love and light expands the heart, elevates the spirit and clears the mind (even for a brief moment of the experience).

Darkness thrives on the power over others and Light is the Power of Self. The most loving and kind people are selfless and giving. In order to be that enlightened you have to conquer your ego and your selfishness, jealousy, fear and all the lower and negative vibrations. Once you understand that you are of light and that you are going back to the light after the show is over and you take your last bow - your fears will disappear; you will feel the truth with your heart and soul and you will be able to think freely for yourself. You will begin to distinguish between brain waves that have been programmed and your free thoughts that flow through the ether - connected to the mother ship of Love and Light.

If you live in fear - you are sentencing yourself to pain, suffering, dis-ease and you are easily manipulated. You will take any magic pill thrown at you with a promise of relief, you will be a victim and you will want someone to save you. How do you not live in fear with everyone around you repeating the same scenario of so called illness and so called whatever is being served... If you are one with life and death - we all come to life with a certainty that we will go back to light where we came from - then you no longer fear it. And if you are free from the ultimate fear: the fear of dying; then it doesn't run you anymore. Then you are able to truly live! Live fully; self-expressed; with the heart, mind & soul reconnected. You rewake yourself.

Instead of thinking of all the "what if" and "yeah but" scenarios of illness; science; laws; rules; news and compliance - all implemented by the system that thrives on the power over others - start thinking for yourself; with your heart, mind and soul. Connect to your heart and start tuning in to your higher self - listen with your soul! Stay in your Heart and you will always know the Light. Find your own truth. Write your own screenplay on how this story will unfold and do not live someone else's script and do not feed the power of the dark who's main weapon is fear. Discover your own self and your true power. You are light itself and no-one has the power over you. You are Love-Light.

Live, love and breathe your truth. Stay in your heart & listen with your soul!

Always in the HeART ♥️,

Lella Satie

Artist, LEMON HOUSE Founder, Pure Energy Healing Academy Instructor

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