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The Battle Between The Heart & Mind

We are witnessing a time when people are feeling vulnerable, fearful and are overwhelmed with anxiety. There is a new and deeper sense of fear like never seen before. If once we were frightened of people judging us, now we have taken it to the extreme. Where once we refrained to speak, now we are forced to speak up to prove which side we are on. No longer is silence a virtue and a wise choice for those not wanting to fuel the conflict.

It is the most dangerous circumstances that we are witnessing and living through. From the pandemics of viruses, diseases and global economic collapse to the pandemics of fear and racism. There are dark forces pushing and pulling their agendas. The powerful Age of Aquarius arrived with those already on their path of awakening who are witnessing the manifestation of already seen visions of this current time. Those only beginning to attune to their higher self and the truth are struggling to understand what they are seeing and feeling. We have all been served the red pill and the blue pill. We have been shown the Matrix, yet there are those who swallowed the red pill, still fighting to stay in the dream.

Within the darkness there is a glimmer of light. Darkness is not void of light and light doesn’t exist without darkness in sight. All there is - is.

No longer is the light a distant ray of hope. The light is here and within each beautiful soul. It is a faint flame that never dies and once we focus on it - it will ignite to a full burning torch that will burn down the walls of separation, hate and fear. The time for battling our brothers and sisters is over. A new battle is about to commence within the minds and hearts of mankind. The rejection of all that we once believed in - all those things we thought were “real” and true. Leaders, prophets, gurus and the system are obsolete. The new energy and wavelength cannot function on the same principles of the past. This new energy is to awaken the inner flame, elevating to higher consciousness that has been dormant because we have allowed it over the millennia. We have been complacent to fit into the boxes and labels and we subjected ourselves to being told what to do and how to behave.

At present, humanity at large is still in a place of denial of their true path and true calling. A denial turns to bitterness, fear, anger and lack of self worth. We are fighting against ourselves because we don’t believe we are good enough and we don’t believe we can do without a leader. We are perpetuating racism, fear of diversity and separation because it steers us away from our true calling and true destiny. The mind is well trained to divert us from the heart’s truth, our soul and calling.

The blindspots have ben exposed and the tricks revealed. We now can see that we can no longer continue being ignorant. We cannot cover one eye just to see what we want to see. It is time to open all three eyes.

How do we start? Where do we begin?

The first thing we need to do is forgive. Forgive everyone including ourselves. Forgive family, leaders, historic figures, forgive them all. Simply say: “I forgive you but not your actions.” This is the beginning of acceptance of all that is. Once we come to this point we can then ask the deeper questions: Who am I? Why am I here? & What is my purpose? These three questions will elevate you to the awakening of your spiritual self; your third eye; your higher consciousness and this is the beginning of a New Life.

Forgiveness and acceptance of everything will lead you to revealing of your journey and a path of enlightenment. Each step thereafter will help you grow stronger and awaken the lion within. You will evolve to receive the answers you need and be given the help you need to keep on transforming. Each breath you take will help you reveal all that is around you that you once chose not to see. This is the New Life, New Beginning and this is the most important time of your being. To be in this world right now shows how truly magnificent, powerful and wise you are. Let no system, no leader nor guru steer you away from your path.

Coming together and fighting against this or that does not help anything. Groups of people coming together to fight the wrong does not bring an answer - it is a hinderance and a step back. When humanity awakens at large; each soul’s flame will burn equally bright. We will come together to find solutions and create the new, rather than fix the old broken ways of living. Turn to one another and bow to each other in respect. “Namaste” I honour you as I honour me - free from labels, free from fear, free from racism, free from being dependent on someone or something else outside of you to guide you and tell you how you should live your life.

All these words might seem simplistic and not enough. You might want an answer, THE answer of how to solve the current world’s problems and yours. And here is the truth: You are the answer! Every time you speak, every time you take an action you are choosing to either honour yourself or dishonour. When you bow to the evil, when you suffer from the popularity contest of social media, when you serve your ego and prove your point of view to be right - you are perpetuating the suffering. This planet and life on Earth is a free will. Whatever path you choose to take I bare no judgement, I honour your journey. It’s neither wrong nor right. Everything is an experience - that is the whole point of life. Moment by moment you choose the path of healing or suffering.

Mark Bajerski

Healer, Author, Pure Energy Healing Academy Founder

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