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The Darkest Night Bears The Light

Updated: Dec 24, 2022

December 21st was the day with the longest night and shortest day. From that day onwards if you are in the Northern Hemisphere you will experience longer days by the minute. Winter solstice announces that the longest night brings forth light and stirs up nature in a way that gives hope.

During this Season of Jolly, may your heart be bright as a star and may your soul be lighter than a feather. As one more calendar year folds the page, it's easy to look around and compare yourself to another, it's easy to be hard on yourself for all that you did or didn't do. It takes a courageous heart, determined mind and powerful spirit to get up, dress up and take a step into the future of Your Creation.

When you truly understand that you are the creator of your life, responsible for what happens to you, you'll feel the power and liberation in that knowing - no matter what the circumstance is. You will know that you always have a choice of how you feel. Feelings are a precursor of thought and physical manifestation. Therefore, guard your feelings from dark invaders (inner and outer) and nurture those of light. Nurture the relationships that enlighten you; do that which enlivens you; radiate the energy of your heart and your New Year will be full of cheer!

When you forget the joy find your peace in meditation. Remind yourself throughout the day to breathe and connect to that place of inner knowing - the spirit knows that everything will be OK!

Every day you have a choice to go with the light and be in action aligned with your higher self; or fall back into the abyss where sadness, fear and darkness live. Someone who is at the "rock bottom" might not want to hear about responsibility, but once you survive the state of current tough affairs - you will look back and count your blessings. You will understand that what happed was a gift, a lesson or for a higher reason...

If you are alone during this Holiday - treat yourself to some TLC (tender love & care). Light a candle and make yourself a cup of tea; open a journal and write out your plan for 2023. Take a bath. Do a course, paint, knit, go for a walk, read a book... Enjoy the time you have for peace and reflection. Smile at a stranger, call someone... Find ways to spend quality time enjoying yourself and creating your future. Stay in Love & Happiness, knowing that you are loved & loveable.

May you have a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah & Blessed New Year! May the 2023 bring you peace, love, health & fulfilment. May you enter it with courage to find your inner power & a reason to become the best version of self, to feel accomplished on December 23, 2023!

Much love & best wishes,

Lella Satie

Always in the HeART ♥️

Lella Satie Artist, PEH Academy Instructor, LEMON HOUSE Founder, Creator

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