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What is happening in our world?

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

After their #spiritual reading and a healing session a client asked me "What is happening to our world?" I looked into her eyes and said, do you really want to know the truth?

I believe mankind is being led like sheep. We have got so many things so wrong – yet we dare not ask life’s deepest questions, such as who we are, who we have become, where are we going and what the purpose of our life really is.

We dare not challenge the masses for fear of what people may think and feel about us. Look at what we have allowed to happen: so-called ‘education’ has destroyed real knowledge. We are force-fed media hype – the very same hype that distorts and destroys information. We are force-fed the so-called ‘fact’ that the pharmaceutical industry is our only option for health – but that very same industry actually destroys our health. We are force-fed religion – the same religion that destroys spirituality. We are force-fed laws – the same laws which destroy real justice.

Everything is truly back to front, but I believe there is still hope for mankind; there always is – and there always has been. More and more light workers are standing up, more souls are opening their eyes and more people are waking up to the truth.

I see a change: I see a new army of warriors; I see walls falling and a world slowly awaking to a new time – one that moves from the mind. Our time has come to make a stand and not be afraid of what others may say. We are about to listen to what our hearts whisper to us; we are in a new divine time and moment where we can listen to what we truly know is right or wrong. This is it – I really do know it and feel it. The time has come, and a new energy has arrived.

What moment am I speaking of? The moment when we begin to live and work once again from our own hearts.

I believe this is where the answers are – to the way to achieve world peace, cure our planet and heal Mother Nature who feeds us each and every day. Open your hearts and follow your truth and happiness, because when our true and beautiful light is awakened from within, the darkness will no longer survive.

Mark Bajerski

Spiritual Crystal Healer, Author, Founder of The Pure Energy Healing Academy


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