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Time To Be A Contrarian

Updated: May 23, 2020

Perhaps it's a perfect time to be a contrarian. When everyone is in a state of panic, when fear is part of every conversation, when anger and blame is the first reaction. Stop, breathe and go within. Find a #voice of reason, connect with your inner truth, find courage and your inner power to stay above the mass panic.

We live in the time when everyone who does a quick Google search becomes an "expert" on a topic they know little about, and depending on who their source of "information" is they will either be biased, misinformed or at best open-minded. Going against the popular belief in business has created many investors great wealth; going against popular belief in any field has made innovators and pioneers. Just as we felt the massive surge of exhilaration entering into the New Age with hopes and promises of great change of 2020; people have shifted even swifter into the lowest vibration. Fear is the worst vibration/feeling/experience - lowering your #immune system, acting like a toxin and corrosion in your body making you susceptible to any kind of viral dis-ease. Add a past trauma, constant fear and a newly created shock and voilà, you got a perfect petri dish for an infection.

Certain Ancient health practices have been disregarded because man has created pharmaceuticals and to most people, technology is more valuable than nature. If you disregard the wisdom of the #Ancient health principles then you should disregard the genius of the Pyramids, Stonehenge and other mysteries unexplained by modern science.

Maybe it's time to take care of your well being better than you've ever done before. Perhaps a total body detox; an immune system reboot is your next project. When your #wellbeing becomes a priority and your lifestyle includes a healthy mind(set), heart and body - your spirit - your intuition will guide you to make better choices and your quality of life will elevate.

There are people living in the quarantine of Wuhan today, counting their blessings. They are focusing on the good in the situation: more time spent on their interests, quality time with family and rediscovering themselves newly. Look for the good in any situation because what you focus on will expand. What you resist - persists.

The scholars from Ancient times have left us words of wisdom on the Emerald Tablet 3,000 BC: As above, so below. As within, so without. If you are aware of Universal laws, then how about creating a powerful intention to draw in peace, calm, #love and #healing to the world. The power of intention is well known. Even those looking for scientific evidence can find proof of correlation between intention, thoughts and outcomes. Instead of reacting, tune inward and do the best you can at any given moment.

Expand to your 20-20 vision! Be the greatest self you can be!

Love & Blessings,


Always in the HeArt ♥️

Golden Elixir

This is my drink of choice when I want to boost my immune system or quickly reverse any signs of bodily discomfort. Have it in the morning after you've hydrated with water.

1 lemon

1 orange

1/2 apple

2 carrots

1 tsp turmeric

slice of ginger

Blend as a smoothie or juice it and mix it with Love & Gratitude. Be a conscious eater, be present to the bounty of mother nature, feel the gratitude for the nourishment and see the healing of your entire body - all your cells.

Spoken Word

Take off the veil

not to vail

look above the vale

see beyond the trail

of the metal birds tail

hear Earth's wail

stand up and hale

your heart's tale,


exhale -

and avail

worlds beyond

will scale...

let Love prevail

Lella Satie

Actor, Writer, Director, Entrepreneur, Teacher at the Pure Energy Healing Academy

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