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Two Words For Happiness

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

When we talk about happiness we often measure success. We tend to feel happy or sad by gaging our fulfillment measured by what we have attained and acquired. Nothing external can fulfill (full & fill) the internal. We got it, we know this. No amount of knowing makes a difference. How many people know how to loose the excess weight they carry around and yet how many actually loose it and keep it off? Lifestyle choices for health, happiness and longevity are practiced daily not understood and talked about. You can be a "know-it-all" or a doer. The doer gets to places and the knower theorizes, criticizes and never truly expands or transforms.

Two magic words and more importantly actions stemming from their meaning is the key to happiness and freedom. Gratitude & Gifting.

Gratitude makes you feel full already, filled with joy in the moment. When you start counting your blessings - no matter how small, you grow a seed of joy within your heart. Gratitude expands the heart and attracts more things to be grateful for. We are all magnets. We attract that which resonates with the same vibration and frequency of our strongest feelings. Got it, we know this as well. Ok darling. Then are you practicing it? Are you grateful every day? Are you giving thanks in those moments when you are at your lowest as generously as when you receive something that you desire? Are you grateful for your breath; for your limbs; for the air that you breathe; the water that you drink and the sunshine giving you life; or the trees outside giving oxygen? Gratitude is the best kind of attitude.

"The heart that gives is always full." This is probably the most recognized and best of Mark Bajerski quotes. You can actually feel the heart expanding as you read those words and more importantly FEEL the words. Read it again: "The heart that gives is always full." Breathe, inhale, exhale. Again: "The heart that gives is always full." Feel the heart expanding. Amazing, profound and crystal clear. Gifting and giving is an #Art in itself. Giving is gifting from the heart, without any attachment, without any expectation. When we hold onto the value of the gift, we are not giving. If you expect to gain a return benefit from giving a gift - you are making a transaction! You are making a deposit and expecting to draw it at another time. This will always keep you small and keep you tight. When your hands (or heart) are gripping onto something that you placed a value on, you cannot be open to receiving. Only when you open your hand and your heart to give, you are also truly free to receive. More of what you desire and more of what you deserve.

Words are just words until they become actions. Then they become meaningful and have a real and profound impact on your life. What actions on gratitude and giving can you take aligned with your heart today?

At LEMON HOUSE we gift from the heart in ways that resonate with our heart and soul and are aligned with our values. It is with same energy that we receive and offer through our shop and Gift-It-Forward initiatives. We care about who works with us; where we source our products from and how each step of our business is conducted. We offer products and services that we believe in and use in daily life and offer to our family and friends for overall well being of body, mind, heart and soul.

Thank you to all of our beautiful clients! Thank you for recognizing our story and appreciating what we do. It keeps us going and getting better. Thank you!

Always in the HeART ♥️

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