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What is Pure Energy Healing?

Updated: Dec 26, 2020

Pure Energy Healing (P.E.H.) is a natural gift of healing we all innately have within us. It balances physical and emotional energy to allow for self healing. It is a simple yet profound technique shared by the founder, Mark Bajerski at the Pure Energy Healing Academy.

A Pure Energy Healing Session allows a client to let go of past traumas and blocks; to experience a sense of self healing and a newfound ease of being; inner strength and insight to overcome certain life challenges. During a PEH session a client goes through a deep sense of relaxation which raises their energy and awareness. It is common during a session to have feelings of ease or happiness or peace or childlike freedom. A Pure Energy Healing is an experience of what our natural healing state is, and once we feel it we can recreate it.

Becoming a Pure Energy Healer means you are committing to self healing ongoingly because a Healer can assist others only when they are at their best health in body, mind and spirit. You can learn a technique and you can know what is good for you yet knowledge won't make a difference -if you don't practice what you know, you will not be, do or have your highest self and you won't be able to make a profound difference for someone else. That is why Mark has often said "Healer heal thyself first."

The Pure Energy Healing Academy offers Certificate Courses for PEH Practitioners and programs for self healing. The PEH Academy students have taken courses for various reasons; either to become Pure Energy Healers; to expand on their existing holistic healing practice, to help heal their family or to heal themselves.

The PEH Academy will be launching dates for 2020 courses next week. Your can visit the website or sign up to receive the news.

To experience a Pure Energy Healing session whether in person or as a distant healing you can find a Pure Energy Healing Practitioner at the PEH Academy website Link "Find A Practitioner".

The Pure Energy Healing Academy

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