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This beautiful Amethyst is high grade. It is a crystal of high vibration and a perfect crystal to begin your spiritual path. It works in sync with your spiritual vibration. The more you elevate your vibration the more this crystal will advance and heighten your spiritual awareness. If you put time into meditation and psychic work it will help you strengthen those gifts. It will enhance your meditation; clairvoyance; psychic work; spiritual awareness. It will go with your pace never pushing you but gently guiding you and helping you to enhance spiritual gifts that you hold within. Amethyst is a wonderful crystal to help spirit come closer to you: the power of crystal vibration is to elevate your awareness and energy to allow for connections with the spirit world. Others will feel your energy and strength growing and they will want to be in your presence. It is great for helping release tension from hands; fingers and wrist joints. On a physical vibration it works well to help strengthen back of the neck and lower back. 

This beautiful crystal is great for psychic intuitive work and opening your third eye and crown chakras to connect you to your higher self and your spirituality.


SKU: LH2020552
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