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This gorgeous and special crystal is amazing for working on wide range emotional and spiritual vibrations. It works on every aspect of the well being, spiritual, physical and emotional. It is a wonderful crystal to overcome dissappointments in love, build courage and let go of self destructive patterns. It is a wonderful grounding crystal to help balance all the chakras and energy points. This is a great crystal to help strengthen mental and spiritual energy bodies. It is a wonderful crystal to work with for starting a new project, for travelling, for expanding ones capabilities. This crystal amplifies natural gifts. It helps you gain more confidence in your abilities and motivates you to keep training your instrument, especially if you are a performing artist, dancer, singer, actor, entertainer. It helps you see the bigger picture and focus on the positive and the good in any situation. This crystal helps you understand others' negativities. It is also used to let go and heal past life karmic issues. 


SKU: 890
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